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   I have seen a number of movies about the old days and movies.  How important and the effect on everyone back in the old days.  I have seen movies about radio and the effects on people from the old days.
  I do not remember seeing movies about comics on people.  I am 75 years of age.  I was born in 1941 in Kansas City (MO).  So I was a kid when radio and movies were a big part of our lives.  Comics were also a big part of the lives of kids back then.  TV did not come to Kansas City until WDAF-TV signed on channel 4 in 1949.  I would have been 9 years old.

In the old days kids would buy a lot of comics.  We also traded with our friends.  I can remember us walking around the neighborhood with a stack of comics and we would go to a kid’s house and he would get his stack of comics and we would trade with each other.
If I remember correct in the summer of about 1952, Barnwell SC, I walked around the trailer park and traded with kids.  I spent the summer there because my father was working on the Savannah H-bomb plant.  He was a boilermaker and had a Q-clearance.  

I just signed up for a 30 day trial of ComiXology.  

ComiXology (styled comiXology) is a cloud-based digital comicsdigital distribution platform with over 200 million comic downloads as of September 2013.[1] It offers a selection of more than 50,000[2]comic books and graphic novels across Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows 8,[3] and the Internet.[4][5] In April 2014, ComiXology became a subsidiary of Amazon.com.[6]

ComiXology’s digital platform with Guided View reading technology is used in the company’s own branded applications, and is the engine used by most major comic book publishers in the United States, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics for their privately branded digital services.[7] With the release of the third generation iPad and its Retina Display, ComiXology released a high-definition comic format dubbed CMX-HD.[8] The company also provides tools for brick-and-mortar comic book retailers to participate in digital comic sales.[9]

I have only been signed up for a few minutes. My Amazon Fire has not been turned on in months.  I will have to charge it up.  I am not sure how much you get free for the $8.00 a month.  I hope I can look at old comics.  I do not plan to buy any comics that cost money.


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