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Playing around with the Chromebox today

 I have been playing around with the Chromebox today.  Nice little computer for $200.00 and you can get it often for $150.00 if you watch.  I have the 4GB box.  I think I will add memory to take it to 8 GB.  Not sure you need that much memory but it is easy and cost very little.

Photo was taken 04/07/2017


 The photo above I just took and you do not see my second monitor next to the other monitor.  
  Yesterday I also messed around with the Samsung Chromebook Plus.  I paid $5.00 for Artrage.  Great drawing app.  I enjoy the touch screen and using it as a tablet.  But now I think I would be happy to just have an Android tablet.
   I tried to get Hilary the Chromebook Plus but she would not take it.

   Hilary got her driver’s license today.  She got it after she got beaten and was taken to the ER.  So in her photo on the license, she has two black eyes. 

   I am using the browser, Vivaldi, again.  I love it.  I will see how it works out for me.  

   It is 0130 hours and Darlene, Hilary and Jimmy are sleeping.  Both cats are sleeping.  I do not see the cat in this room.  He must be in the window looking outside.  I am going to bed soon and he will then get on my desk and knock something over and walk on the printer keypad.


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