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First day of new job

 Russ took an Uber to his first day at the new job location.  He will take an Uber home. That is going to cost him about  $80.00 for the day just to get to and from work.
  Hilary has a list of apartments for him to look at … He will need to find a place soon … It is 8 PM and he is not home yet from work.
   He needs to find an apartment close to his job since he does not have a car.  He needs to get approved.  He needs to get moved into the apartment.


Seismic event here

 Russell, my grandson, and I moved here in 02/2011 and share this apartment.  Russ is 27 years of age and works in retail sales.  He just pays for the Internet service here.
  He works full time and he just got a big promotion and a pay increase of $9.00 an hour.  But they want him right away at the new store and it is not even in Fort Worth or Dallas.  He is going to have to get his own apartment.  

  I will be OK. I just need to come up with an extra $60.00 or so a month to pay for the Internet.  
  But he is going to have to come up with a ton of money to get his own apartment.  Hilary, his mother, is here and she is going to help with the money … But it is going to be hard on Russ and Hilary.  
  I can not help.  I just live Social Security payment to Social Security payment.  

  The next few days and weeks are going to be hard and stressful.  
   I am going to be living alone in a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment.

   Rusty, the cat, loves Russ and he loves the cat.
   Rusty will be moving with Russell.  He will have to get an apartment and pay the pet fee but Rusty is going to be moving.  I am going to be alone.  

Photo of Rusty and Jim – photo taken 11/05/2016

Life at 75 years of age

 I feel rotten today.  I took the mail to the apartment office to go out.  I do not think I could have made it to the mailbox.  I was not sure I would make it home from the office.  I just feel so weak and faint.
  I took my blood pressure and it was 135/57 and that 57 is low for me.
I do not like feeling like this..   But at 75 years of age … I guess I am lucky I can feel anything.
I just took a Naproxen for the pain. My back and neck are hurting.  I try and not take the Naproxen.  

  I did get done two Amazon reviews.  I have a LOT more of them to get done.
I got two items coming in the mail today to review.  

   I had a little to eat and some Coke and took my BP and it is now 118/62.

It is time to wake Russ for work.  He has been sort of a manager/supervisor at work.  They did away with his job.  So they told him he could quit and they would give him five weeks of pay and he would get paid for his three weeks of vacation or he could work for 50 cents an hour less.  I think he is going to take the pay cut.  He will be the receiving dock guy.  Not the supervisor but he will be the only one working there.  He will get to unload trucks.

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