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President Trump – what now

 We have just elected the worst person that I can think of as President of the United States.
  Donald Trump is stupid.  My God what have we done.
  Donald Trump is a con man .. a “reality” TV media person.  I think he is going to do all of this like a reality TV show.  He is going to want to show that he is smart and that he is in charge.  
   In his mind he is going to pick the best people and show how well he can run things.  The problem is he has the worst people around him and even if he had high quality people appointed he would not listen to them.  You can not tell Donald Trump anything.
   That is scary for a President of the United States.
   You want the President to have great presidential advisors.  
    President Reagan had the most corrupt administration.  Everyone around him committed crimes.  There was 138 administration officials with indictments or convictions.  Many felony counts.
     I am sure we see many more in the administration of President Donald Trump.

     President Trump is going to move to repeal ObamaCare.  It needs to be fixed.  It should be improved.  Since ObamaCare was passed the Republicans did everything they could do to try and make it fail.
      I do not think it will be repealed.  Congress will have to try and act like they are trying to fix it.  But the Republicans are not going to do anything to make ObamaCare a success.  So for the millions of people that depend on ObamaCare there are going to be hard times coming soon ..thanks to President Trump.

      There is not going to be a “wall” and there is not going to be mass deportations.  Donald Trump might build a small wall someplace to try and make it look like he is doing it …  
       The scary thing is the SCOTUS.  The damage that the Republicans could do to the United States could last for 30 years.

        Thank God I have Medicare.  Of course the Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. 

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