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Car stolen two times in one week

About a month ago Hilary got a used car.  She paid $2K for it.  It would not start unless she ran it each day.  There are major blood stains in the front seat by the driver’s seat though she was told it was not wrecked and a little old lady was the prior car owner.  I could add to the list.

Because she had been in Sweden for ten years and had no DL she had to pay 800.00, in advance, for one year of auto insurance. Later they told her the price quote was wrong and she owed another 80.00.
Hilary passed her DL exam until a few days ago. Before she got her DL her car was stolen two times from the parking lot of the apartment in Irvin (TX).  The car was stolen by the same people both times. One of the guys visits a guy that lives in the apartment across from Russ’s apartment. Hilary is now stuck paying for an apartment that she can not even safely keep her car park at. 
Hilary has been here helping us move but soon she will be going back to Russ’s apartment.  I am sure she is going to have problems with the guys that took her car. 
 The first time they took her car they asked if they could test drive it by going around the block.  They took the car and never came back with it.  She filled out a police report and the police found it a few days later a few blocks away from the apartments.  She had it towed back for 108.00 … They then took the car again the next day.
  Hilary made police reports both times.  The second time the Dallas police found the car and towed it to Auto Impound in Dallas.  Hilary had to pay 190.00 to get the car out of impound a few days later. 120.00 of it was for them towing the car yet nobody called Hilary until after it was towed to the lot later that day.  Hilary saw other people that had stolen cars to pick up and had to pay to get them back.
   Below is Hilary’s car.  This photo was taken the other day after she had repair work done on the car.  She also had to have a new windshield put on the car.

Stolen two times in less than a week!

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