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Prof Robert Kelly’s BBC Interview


“Prof Robert E Kelly has returned to BBC News to talk about his unexpected viral fame last week when his children crashed his live TV interview to the amusement of millions of people who later watched the clip. Prof Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was joined in the follow-up video with his wife, Jung-a Kim and children Marion and James.”
He confirmed to the BBC’s James Menendez that he was, despite online speculation, wearing trousers during the interview.

Children Interrupt BBC Interview: https://youtu.be/Mh4f9AYRCZY
Prof Robert Kelly and family: https://youtu.be/PLMSoD1riE0
Woman BBS Interview: https://youtu.be/-Ojvk-4IcOE

Stylish Daughter: https://youtu.be/gFAXFj32hLM
Robert Kelly Full Press Conference: https://youtu.be/Accocd_7QGs

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