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My first 4K Video

 I have had the FZ300 camera for almost one month.  Today was the first time I shot a 4K video.  Here is that video.  It is a 6 minute video and the file size was 4 GB.  It took almost two hours to upload.


  I called Spectrum, Charter, and cancelled the Spectrum TV.  Russ or ordered the TV as part of a special and with it you got 100 down.  We had 60 down.  I will be back paying $59.99 just for Internet now and I just did a speed test and it looks like they cut our speed back down to 60.
   In the video you will hear me wonder about the container in the parking lot.  It is not there for AT&T fiber.  The apartment complex is going to have some sort of building taking place.

  I am just waiting for AT&T to offer fiber Internet.  Just for the 1 GB up and down the price will be $90.00 a month.  


Tomorrow we are getting cable TV back and faster Internet

 Russell has been paying Charter for Internet service.  We did away with cable television to save money.
 We been getting 60 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.  But we never go the 5 Mbps.  Sometimes 4.5 up but most of the time just 3 or 4 up.
We now Charter has a special deal and you can get 100 Mpbs down and 5 up IF you take cable TV.  The price is not bad for 12 months.  No contract but there is a $26.00 fee to set it up.  Russ signed up for it. The will be here tomorrow at 2 PM.
So tomorrow I will have about 130 channels of cable TV to watch, HD TV and a DVR box to record and play back.
Today they must have done something with the Internet speed.  We are a little over 60 Mbps down now but we get over 5 Mbps on the uploads.

If you been reading Howard’s Notebook or watching my YouTube videos you know that right now AT&T has put fiber cable on the street right in front of our apartment complex.  Russell says if AT&T offers us their 1 GB up and down Internet service that he will pay for it.  His plan is to keep both services!  

Update:  10/03/2016 at 0100 hours

They just upgraded our Internet speed.


AT&T Laying The Cable

  I have been watching holes in the ground … I lead a pretty dull life …
For the last two days AT&T has been running the fiber cable .. Not sure if they dig a trench or if they pull it somehow …  But they are working and today the were hooking up number 23 Fort Worth Fire Station.  We live in the apartment complex right next to the fire station.
I want the 1 Gbps high speed Internet service.  I hope we get it soon.

att-cable-layingcable-laying-2  I hope we get the high speed Internet soon.  No idea at this point when we will get it.  I would think they would want to hook people up as soon as they can and pay for the cost of the cable going in the ground.

AT&T GigaPower

 A salesman came to the door yesterday and said that AT&T fiber was being put in .. he made it sound like it was installed now.  I asked him how fast the service was and he said 12 Mbps.  I said I have 65 Mbps now.  He said did you check today?  I said yes this morning.
  I live in west Fort Worth (TX) and today they are digging out on the street.  I think they are digging for the boxes to put in place for fiber.
We got Charter Cable right now and get 65 Mbps down and about 5 Mbps up.
If AT&T does bring in their fiber we could get 1 Gbps down.  The cost would be $90.00 a month.  The problem with that is that is the 12 month price. So after 12 months they would increase the price. My guess is that the price would go up by about $30.00 a month.

I am happy with our current service and speed.  But my 27 year old grandson pays for our current Internet and I know he wants faster speeds.  I think he would pay for AT&T GigaPower.

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