New Logitech 4K USB WebCam

I do not want to think about how many USB webcams that I have paid for over the years.  I have paid for a lot of them.  I did win a webcam in a contest on Flag Day one year.  Many of the webcams have been Logitech webcams. They make the best USB webcams.

I have three Logitech webcams here now.  I have given many away.
Well, Logitech has a new webcam.  Some YouTube people got one to review. There new Logitech Brio is a 4K HD webcam and will be on sale soon.  The price is going to be $199.99 and I will want one. That is a lot of money for a USB webcam.  

There are some reviews on YouTube.  Just do a search for “Logitech Brio 4K Webcam.”

One billion captioned videos

  I read often BetaNews and find a lot of good information. They have an interesting report “Google exceeds 1  billion captioned videos on YouTube.”

“Around the world, there are many people with hearing impairments. This doesn’t mean that they are necessarily deaf — they may instead have severe hearing loss. Someone in my family, for instance, has to wear hearing aids. For these people, captioning on videos (text displayed on screen) can be a necessity, making it possible to enjoy a TV show or movie. Heck, it can be used by people without hearing issues too; they may need to mute their TV as to not wake family members.

Nowadays, captioning extends to internet videos too, including the very popular YouTube. In fact, today, Google announces that it has exceeded 1 billion captioned videos! While this is certainly an amazing accomplishment, the service’s automatic speech recognition can sometimes be very wrong — even comically so.””

 I have 713 videos on YouTube.  I do not pay for captioning.  YouTube just gives that to videos.
I just checked my recent video:  President Trump’s lies and a discussion about Truth and Lies and the captioning I think on that video is excellent.

Here is that video below.

Welcome to Howard’s Notebook

I have been doing a blog since June of 1982.  That is a long long time.  The world wide web was not invented until 1995. 

Many “experts” say that the first blog was written in 1995.  Sorry they are wrong.  I have been blogging since June of 1982.  Each day I posted to Howard’s Notebook.   People checked in and read the blog via the phone line using a 300 baud modem.
“Link-Up” magazine in 1984 wrote about me and Howard’s Notebook.  The author picked Howard’s Notebook as one of the ten best bulletin board systems in the world!  The word “blogging” had not been invented yet.  But I was blogging and am still blogging today.

Trump vs Truth by John Oliver

John Oliver is back, and he’s launched his most challenging investigation yet. 

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” on HBO, the comic looked into reality itself, which is under assault by President Donald Trump and a White House that accepts “alternative facts.” 

So what can you do when the president himself doesn’t seem to care what the facts are? 

Try to teach him anyway… secretly. 

Oliver is going to start running ads on some of Trump’s favorite TV shows that look a lot like some of the commercials already airing ― but with a slight difference.

Check it out above. 


President Trump it maybe an error to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger

  President Trump has been attacking Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There was no reason for President Trump to attack and try and make fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
  Schwarzenegger was Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.  But President Trumps attacks on Schwarzenegger have been about him being on “The Celebrity Apprentice” TV show.  

  You got to wonder why would President Donald Trump care about Arnold Schwarzenegger or the TV show.

  First you think that maybe President Trump fears Schwarzenegger running for President of the United States.  But Schwarzenegger was not born in the United States and so can not be President.

President Trump says “blame the judge!”

  The ban on Muslims coming into the United States is un-American and, I think, unconstitutional. 
The Slate has a article on it:  Clear Violation
  They say it is unconstitutional in five ways;  Equal Protection, First Amendment, Due Process, Habeas Corpus and Family Reunification Rights.

  President Trump also is attacking US District Judge Rames Robart.  He has attacked other judges in the past. 
  The President of the United States should not attack a judge.
  Plus I would also fear that he is putting the judge and his family in danger.  President Trump has some crazy people out there that believe in him and listen to him.  I hope that extra security is being given to judges that President Trump is attacking.

  Republican members of Congress should make it clear to President Trump that we are a nation of laws. 

  President Trump is also being very stupid.  His ban on Muslims and other actions, I think, is going to go to the Supreme Court.  I do not think that the Supreme Court is going to like that the President of the United States is attacking federal judges.  The high court may just decide to send a message to the head of he Executive branch from the Judicial branch of the government. 

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