Earthquake just now here in Fort Worth

 I live in Fort Worth (Texas).  I, of course, was sitting here at my computer and at about 0704 I felt what I think was an earthquake.  I am 75 years of age and 240 pounds and the office chair I am sitting in moved.
  I moved from FL to Fort Worth in 02/08/2011 and I have never felt an earthquake here.

Recent Earthquakes Near Fort Worth TX

Update:  0728 hours – I checked with James, my son, he lives next door.  He felt the same thing and was wondering what it was.

OK found report just now on Twitter #earthquake

Earthquake in Dallas/Fort Worth

Earthquake in Dallas/Fort Worth

It is a cookbook

"It is a cookbook"

“It is a cookbook”

 Now that we have a man like Donald Trump running for President of the United States I think I would welcome extraterrestrial intelligence.  Let the aliens come.
  Trump will  say that is why he wants to build a wall to keep the aliens out.  He also will tell is that he is very very smart and he is a business man and he knows how to make a deal with them.  

I have a digital ham radio now

I have a digital ham radio now.  I did not get the $450.00 Yaesu that I would like to have.  I got a TYT MD-380 – DMR/Moto TRBO HT.  It cost $119.00 and I got it from Amazon.
 I just could not bring myself to spend close  to $500.00 for something that I did not know anything about.  So I am listening on digital ham radio now and even talking to a few hams via DMR around the world.

This is the digital ham repeater that I am using now:

15 Ft Worth 441.6250 +5 K5FTW 1

There are a number of DMR repeaters in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.
This is my DMR ID #:


3148738 N0UWY Jim Howard Fort Worth Texas United States DMR

New start for an old man

 I am 75 years of age and I been blogging about 37 years. That is a long time.  I have made a lot of changes over the years.  Time for a change again.

Jim Howard 08/29/2016

Jim Howard 08/29/2016

Visits to my written blog have gone down in the last few years.  Oh sure I had a few times when a blog post got 2000 views in one day. That was rare but did happen.  But visits to Howard’s Notebook got  down to 500 visitors a day and has been heading down.  Now that does not count RSS reads and it does not count the blog posts that went to other sites.  But people are going to Facebook and I guess some other places.
So I am going to change with the times.
Now my YouTube site is doing very good.  I have been on YouTube since they began, in 2005, and I have over 600 videos on YouTube. 

I am making changes, new URL, and trying to get control of things.  I feel like things are out of control.  Part of it is Facebook and the other sites… I never feel like I have the control that I have had …  So I am looking at everything and going to try and tie them all into a smaller package.

Starting today I will be doing podcasts.  I will be using SoundCloud and so you can expect podcasts from me soon.  

For the next few days and maybe even a week there could be some problems.  I have a lot of links and RSS feeds to change.  Give me some time.

Jim Howard NØUWY

This is ShowMeBlog and Howard’s Notebook

 I am  working on this site with the idea of making it my new blog site.  Yes I am doing away with the old Howard’s Notebook and ShowMeBlog sites.  Long story …
I am also thinking about just having my YouTube site, my FaceBook Page and doing Pod Casting on SoundCloud.

  So this site here is being worked on … hang in there.. 


Jim Howard blogging since 1982!

Many “experts” say that the first blog was written in 1995.  Sorry they are wrong.  I have been blogging since June of 1982.    People checked in and read the blog via the phone line using a 300 baud modem.
“Link-Up” magazine in 1984 wrote about me and Howard’s Notebook.  The author picked Howard’s Notebook as one of the ten best bulletin board systems in the world!  The word “blogging” had not been invented yet.  But I was blogging and am still blogging today.


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