Trump wants people inciting violence arrested!!!

I do not know if I should laugh or if I should cry.  Donald Trump is saying today “…Those people should be arrested because they are inciting violence…”
Is Donald Trump calling for the arrest of Donald Trump and his followers?
Donald Trump is calling for violence and attacks on people just about every time he opens his mouth.

Donald Trump says that we and the police know who is attacking us here at home.
Yes… most of the attacks here in the United States are by right wing people and groups.  But Republicans and the right went crazy when the FBI came up with a report with those details and wanted to add some additional FBI agents to preventing those sorts of attacks.

Deadly Attacks Since 9/11

The list above shows “Jihadist Attacks” at 10 (94 people killed) and Right Wing Attacks 18 (48 people killed).  Now in the “Jihadist” attacks 49 of the killed people were at the Orlando Night Club Shooting.  The “Jihadist” killer was gay and his father had made the killer be filled with self hate.

See New York Times story “Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadist in U.S. Since 9/11.”
Note the story was written in June of 2015 before the 2016 Orlando Night Club Shooting.

Donald Trump has been calling and is calling now for us to give up freedom of speech, to give up freedom of the press and give up what has made America great.  That is just what the Jihadist want us to do.  They hate our freedoms.  That is what they hate about America.
Also since since Donald Trump wants to do away with the First Amendment then what is to stop him or someone else from doing away with the Second Amendment?


Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Democrats and Hillary Clinton have NOT called for doing away with the Second Amendment.  They have not called for doing away with any amendment.
I think the only thing gun rights people should fear is Donald Trump and his followers.


Fort Worth Allergy Report

  The last few years I was in Kansas City I  got a bad ragweed allergy.  Then I was in FL for years.  I do not remember having major problems in FL.  I been in Texas for years now.  I think from time to time I have some minor hay fever problems.  My guess is that it is ragweed.
Of course now that I am 75 years of age I do not have to get out and work with the pollen in the air.  That is hard when you work outside and have allergy problems. 

The last few days I been having some problems I think. 

I see, from Pollen.Com, that yesterday the count was high, today it is medium-high and tomorrow will be medium.  The top allergens in Fort Worth right now are ragweed, elm and Chenopods. 

My son is 40 today

  I got married at age 26.  Darlene was 18 when we got married.  We had four children.  Our youngest James Joseph Howard IV is 40 years old today. I am 75 years of age.
Darlene and I got a divorce after 12 years.
Darlene and I live next door to each other in Fort Worth TX.
James lives with her and my grandson, Hilary’s son, lives with me.
Our other three children live in Washington DC, Florida and Sweden.  Hilary lives in Sweden but has been visiting here for about a year.  Soon as she gets a few things done she will be returning to Sweden soon.

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today – I took this photo about 0700 09/17/2016 with my cell phone.

Not Monetized YouTube Videos

 I just did a check and I have now over 40 of my videos on YouTube that are “Not Monetized.”  I have over 600 videos but why all of a sudden they go and mark over 40 of my videos I have no idea.
Here is just a few of them that they have taken away my ability to make money from them.
I clicked a few of them and turned on the ability to earn money from them.
So I think it is just some sort of error on the part of YouTube.

  1. 19:11
    May 8, 2012 8:08 AM

  2. 9:28
    Apr 22, 2012 9:52 PM

  3. 6:18
    May 4, 2011 4:18 PM

AT&T GigaPower

 A salesman came to the door yesterday and said that AT&T fiber was being put in .. he made it sound like it was installed now.  I asked him how fast the service was and he said 12 Mbps.  I said I have 65 Mbps now.  He said did you check today?  I said yes this morning.
  I live in west Fort Worth (TX) and today they are digging out on the street.  I think they are digging for the boxes to put in place for fiber.
We got Charter Cable right now and get 65 Mbps down and about 5 Mbps up.
If AT&T does bring in their fiber we could get 1 Gbps down.  The cost would be $90.00 a month.  The problem with that is that is the 12 month price. So after 12 months they would increase the price. My guess is that the price would go up by about $30.00 a month.

I am happy with our current service and speed.  But my 27 year old grandson pays for our current Internet and I know he wants faster speeds.  I think he would pay for AT&T GigaPower.


   I have seen a number of movies about the old days and movies.  How important and the effect on everyone back in the old days.  I have seen movies about radio and the effects on people from the old days.
  I do not remember seeing movies about comics on people.  I am 75 years of age.  I was born in 1941 in Kansas City (MO).  So I was a kid when radio and movies were a big part of our lives.  Comics were also a big part of the lives of kids back then.  TV did not come to Kansas City until WDAF-TV signed on channel 4 in 1949.  I would have been 9 years old.

In the old days kids would buy a lot of comics.  We also traded with our friends.  I can remember us walking around the neighborhood with a stack of comics and we would go to a kid’s house and he would get his stack of comics and we would trade with each other.
If I remember correct in the summer of about 1952, Barnwell SC, I walked around the trailer park and traded with kids.  I spent the summer there because my father was working on the Savannah H-bomb plant.  He was a boilermaker and had a Q-clearance.  

I just signed up for a 30 day trial of ComiXology.  

ComiXology (styled comiXology) is a cloud-based digital comicsdigital distribution platform with over 200 million comic downloads as of September 2013.[1] It offers a selection of more than 50,000[2]comic books and graphic novels across Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows 8,[3] and the Internet.[4][5] In April 2014, ComiXology became a subsidiary of[6]

ComiXology’s digital platform with Guided View reading technology is used in the company’s own branded applications, and is the engine used by most major comic book publishers in the United States, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics for their privately branded digital services.[7] With the release of the third generation iPad and its Retina Display, ComiXology released a high-definition comic format dubbed CMX-HD.[8] The company also provides tools for brick-and-mortar comic book retailers to participate in digital comic sales.[9]

I have only been signed up for a few minutes. My Amazon Fire has not been turned on in months.  I will have to charge it up.  I am not sure how much you get free for the $8.00 a month.  I hope I can look at old comics.  I do not plan to buy any comics that cost money.


Jim having some pizza before doing a review.

Jim having some pizza before doing a review.


   I gave up on the idea of doing a podcast.  I was going to use SoundCloud but I did not like the way they displayed the podcast.  I may look for someplace else to do podcasts.

   I formatted my old computer and put Linux Mint 18 on it. Pretty neat looking.


Life in Texas…

 Some of you must be wondering what is going on here..  I do not want to say very much about Hilary and what has been going on with her.  I guess you can read between lines…  You may have a little bit of an idea.
  Hilary got three lots of land here in Texas.  Not the best part of Texas.  Hilary is a very trusting person and she paid a couple of guys to help her. They took her money and did nothing or almost nothing and asked for more money.
Hilary went down to her land with her boat and tent .. She heard gun shots all the time …
A couple of stray dogs came over to her lot and watched Hilary clearing brush and stuff from her lot.  The dog then followed Hilary as she went to use a rest room and get some water.  One of the dogs ran into a yard and killed a chicken. The owner came out and demanded that Hilary pay for the chicken …  Hilary told him that the dogs did not belong to her… He said he was going to get his gun and kill the dogs and made a made a verbal threat towards Hilary.
Hilary called me and was on the phone with me.. she was scared for herself and the dogs.

Long story.. police were called .. said that the people there shoot everything that comes into their yard and that they had shot a boy in the neck in the past.
Hilary called a guy that ran a cab in the area.. He took her to a motel …
Hilary does not want me to mention the motel .. because they fed a couple of stray cats.
Hilary went to do her laundry at the motel and someone went into her room and stole a brand new $600.00 cell phone.  She has it less than a week plus some cameras and other stuff.
The motel people told her that they could review the tapes … a day later or something.  Hilary stayed to see the review of the tape.  In the tape a guy comes across the parking lot with a hoodie on .. the motel people said.. Oh yes.. we see him doing this all the time.. But we never see his face!  He pushed all the doors on the motel.  The doors do not close good.. You have to make sure you pull the door closed and hear it click.  Hilary door opened.
So the guy went into her room stole the stuff came outside her door and made a phone call and then tossed her cell phone down in front of her door and left.  In just as very few minutes a different guy came and picked up the phone and took it to the office. He turned it in ..said he found it.  He left.  Then in a couple of minutes a couple came and went to the office and said they lost there phone and the clerk gave them Hilary’s cell phone.

There is a lot more to the story..  All of it very upsetting to HIlary.
I think Hilary will be gong back to Sweden very soon.  She came to visit and stayed to help out Darlene, James and me.  She also stayed to take care of cats and kittens here.
She may stay a bit longer .. we got family going to visit …  But I think Hilary will be heading back to Sweden soon.

      When she is out of the United States I may tell some of the story … But right now..
I do not want to do anything that is going to put any stress on her ..
Hilary has been here about a year.  She has lost one cell phone. She had one cell phone stolen in FL. She has had one cell phone stolen in Texas.

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