Monday a day of change

 Russell has Monday off.  He will be here and pick up more of his stuff.  He will take what he can and the cat to his new apartment.  That will free up his room and a bathroom.  
  There is a nice desk in there that is too big to move. So I will end up with a computer desk in that bed room.  I have a desktop computer and everything I need to setup in there.  I wonder if I should run Ubuntu or Windows 10 on the computer.

  I could setup that room as just a studio for YouTube videos.  I have a green screen and lights and everything.

  I have been taking my water pill everyday since the 1st.  So I have taken it for 12 days.  My weight is down from 240 to 227.6 pounds.  I swelling is down on my left foot.  Not all the way but it is smaller.  I been trying to eat a little better.  It is hard.
  I think the water pills make me feel a little sick.  Also I wake up every two hours and have to take a leak.  Same thing during the day.. I run to the bathroom all the time.  

  My son is better.. I think he may be back taking some of his meds.. But we worry .. everyday … we look and hope for any little sign that he might be getting better .. 
  Hilary will be here on Monday to help Russ move.  She said she would clean up a little here.  She has candy all over this place.  I hate to toss out “food.”  But after she leaves I am just going to have to find all the candy and toss it in the trash.
   Both Darlene and I are diabetic.  One or more of the meds that Jimmy should be taking can cause a person to become diabetic.

   Amazon updated their reviewing guidelines again. 

   The other day I went to my Amazon Review profile page and attempted to change my profile.  The change does not take place.  I attempted to change it to say that because of their new policy I would not be doing reviews.  But the change never shows up.  I think they have turned off the ability to change my profile.  I can just kill my profile so that one does not show.  I hate to do that because 15 people have signed up to follow my reviews.



Update on Amazon Reviewing Guidelines


We updated our Community Guidelines to prohibit creating, modifying, or posting content in exchange for compensation of any kind:

It is not permitted to post reviews in exchange for a free or discounted copy of the product.

This email is intended to provide guidance on our new policy regarding incentivized reviews. It is not a notice of a violation. If you are offered compensation in exchange for a review, please report it to This will ensure that our review system remains helpful and fair to all reviewers, sellers, and customers. These reviews may also violate the Federal Trade Commission Act.

It is also prohibited to request compensation for reviews on your Amazon public profile or other channels.

If someone offers you a free or discounted product without requiring a review in exchange, posting a review is still prohibited if someone else can influence it. This can happen if someone can monitor whether you write a review, or the content of your review, to provide or withhold any future benefit.

To learn more about this policy and to see examples of reviews that are allowed or prohibited, please see our About Promotional Content help page:

The above changes apply only to product categories other than books. We continue to allow the practice of providing advance review copies of books.

Leonard Cohen dead at 82

Leonard Norman Cohen, CCGOQ (21 September 1934 – 7 November 2016[2]) was a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist. His work explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships.[3] Cohen was inducted into both the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation’s highest civilian honour. In 2011, Cohen received one of the Prince of Asturias Awards for literature and the ninth Glenn Gould Prize.

    I do not think I ever heard of Leonard Cohen.  But I love the song he wrote of “Hallelujah.” 
The YouTube video of him doing it below is the first time I have seen it.  I do not like his version.


The version below by Gord Downie I like better.


Problems for Americans

 We have so many problems in the United States.  But it does not look like anyone is working on them.  Congress for the last 7 years  has just been attempting to make President Obama a failed President.  The Republican Congress has not been interested in doing anything to make things better for Americans.

  Congress held 14 Benghazi investigations.  It cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.  No evidence of any wrongdoing was found.  The Republicans admitted that the only reason for the hearings was to damage Hillary Clinton.
  All the time and all that money …  wasted …

  Here I am at 0200 hours trying to deal with a family member that has not taken his medication.     He has Schizophrenia and he has stopped taking his medication.  We can not get him to take his meds.  His illness is getting worst by the minute …  Right now there is nothing we can do.  Just trying to ask him what we can do … asking him to take his medication …  Just waiting until we have to call 911 and hope that they can help.
   Sometimes when the EMS and the police come they take him to the hospital. Most of the time the hospital just sends him back home.  Sometimes they refuse to take him to the hospital.  Sometimes the police tell us they do not have time for this and we should not be calling 911.
     So I know that something is going to happen … I do not know what is going to happen or just when it is going to happen.  But we are going to have an emergency and there is little to no help for us.
     I do not see Congress or the state of Texas doing anything to help.
I do not see real problems being taken care of …      and this is just one “little” problem that Americans have and our government is not doing anything.

    There are many other problems that need the attention of government.
     I do not see help for our family or any other family in Amercia        lddddddddddd    
I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  I got all the lights on so my son can pop in here …  He has done that about three times so far.   I am going to lay down on my bed with all the lights on so I will be ready for whatever happens.



President Trump – what now

 We have just elected the worst person that I can think of as President of the United States.
  Donald Trump is stupid.  My God what have we done.
  Donald Trump is a con man .. a “reality” TV media person.  I think he is going to do all of this like a reality TV show.  He is going to want to show that he is smart and that he is in charge.  
   In his mind he is going to pick the best people and show how well he can run things.  The problem is he has the worst people around him and even if he had high quality people appointed he would not listen to them.  You can not tell Donald Trump anything.
   That is scary for a President of the United States.
   You want the President to have great presidential advisors.  
    President Reagan had the most corrupt administration.  Everyone around him committed crimes.  There was 138 administration officials with indictments or convictions.  Many felony counts.
     I am sure we see many more in the administration of President Donald Trump.

     President Trump is going to move to repeal ObamaCare.  It needs to be fixed.  It should be improved.  Since ObamaCare was passed the Republicans did everything they could do to try and make it fail.
      I do not think it will be repealed.  Congress will have to try and act like they are trying to fix it.  But the Republicans are not going to do anything to make ObamaCare a success.  So for the millions of people that depend on ObamaCare there are going to be hard times coming soon ..thanks to President Trump.

      There is not going to be a “wall” and there is not going to be mass deportations.  Donald Trump might build a small wall someplace to try and make it look like he is doing it …  
       The scary thing is the SCOTUS.  The damage that the Republicans could do to the United States could last for 30 years.

        Thank God I have Medicare.  Of course the Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. 

Home alone at 75

   Russell took an Uber to work.  He should be home soon.  He has tomorrow off.  So Russ will be packing up tonight and tomorrow.  Hilary is going to help him.  Then tomorrow he will move into his new apartment.
    I will then be living here alone.  Rusty, the cat, will be here until he gets all setup in his new apartment and then Rusty will go and live with Russ.
     I am  going to have Russ’s bedroom and bathroom free.  
     I am going to have a lot of extra space here.  Tomorrow I will move some of the stuff out of my room.  I can get some things off the floor and put away.  


Ready to vote and for this election to come to an end

 It is 0445 hours and I am up … I been up for a  bit .. I am ready to vote.  
I want this election to end ..  I hope the people of the United States never have to suffer with an election like this one again.

  It is 64 degrees and cloudy with some light rain from time to time.  I am in Fort Worth TX and the polls will open at 0700 hours.
  We have had  weather like this for a week or more.  No sun or very little and light rain and from time to time heavy rain.  Not sure if this will effect voting or not.

  My voting place is the Birchman Baptist Church at 2700 Dale Lane, Fort Worth TX.  It is a 3 minute drive from here.  I do not own a car.  You can take a bus and it is 19 minutes from here.  I walked home from voting one year and it takes 30 minutes.  
  I will be using Uber to and from voting today.  
  For those of you that say I should walk for the exercise I thank you for the caring and the advice but I am not sure I could make it.  I have problems walking a few hundred feet to the mailbox.  I also would piss my pants during the walk.  Yes I urinate before I do something.  Even here at home I can urinate and then walk to the kitchen and have to run back to my bathroom again before I can put something in the microwave.  
   So I will be taking an Uber to and from voting today.

   The first President I voted for was John F. Kennedy.  I had to vote by absentee ballot because I was from Missouri but I was going to welding school in Ohio. 
   Later in life I voted for President Barack Obama. Today I will be voting for the first woman President.

    Donald Trump and I have a few things in common.  We are both white men with small hands.  We were both “4-F” He however used student deferments and then being 4-F to stay out of the military.  I however attempted to get into the military a number of times even having bad hearing loss in both ears and being 40 pounds under weight.  
     We both went to military high schools.  Recently he has said that his high school ROTC training gave him “more training  militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”  
      I have never said anything like that .. because I am not crazy and a serial liar.

       I will be voting soon.  
       I wish I was voting for someone else than Hillary Clinton.  I can not, of course, vote for Donald Trump.  If you are voting for Donald Trump I feel very sorry for you. There is something very wrong with you.  Please get help for you condition.  


Apartment for Russ

 Russ found an apartment that he likes … Hilary took a bunch of photos and none of them got saved to her camera for some reason.
  Russ has to work tomorrow but he can pick up the key to the apartment.
  The apartment is a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment.  It has a small kitchen.  No counter space and no microwave.  That bathroom is nice and the bedroom is nice and big.

   I think Russ will be moving in Wed and Rusty, the cat, will be moving in with him.  I think she knows something is going on .. She has been next to me all day .. rubbing on me … Russ loves    the cat.  It is a sweet cat .. I just do not feel like I can take care of a cat.  

  Darlene has been crying about Russ moving.
  Russ has been sick today ..  it got cold here last night .. with no power .. and we had rain all night and light rain all day.

  I will be taking an Uber at 7 AM to vote tomorrow.

Power loss in Fort Worth

 It was just a little storm .. about 3 AM .. I did not hear any thunder and was not aware of any lightning.  Then BANG and we lost power.  
  I waited a little bit to see if we would get power back .. no power .. no internet .. What the hell am I going to do without Internet?
  There was another loud bang.  I decided to take my new Panasonic FZ300K out for a test.  It is “splash proof.”  
  I am doing something wrong … This camera is great in low light and I am getting bad photos in low light.  I need to read up on the camera or check out some YouTube videos.  
Graham Houghton has a great YouTube site on photography and has a complete FZ200 series and has a FZ300 series.


Getting a new box and power

   The power and light people had to put in a new box.  We did not get power back until about 8:30 AM but I was so glad to get back to my  porn Internet that I did not care.

    Looks like it is going to rain all day today.  Hilary and Russ will be out looking at apartments.
    Russ has decided that he wants his own apartment.  So not only will he have my cat, Rusty, but I will be all alone.  
    It will be good for him to have his own place.  
    The problem is that Darlene and James live next door and they would like to move in here.  It would cut down our costs.  We would all have extra money each month for the first time. 
     It sure would be nice for me to have some extra money each month .. But on the other hand .. Darlene is my ex-wife.  My son, James, … well … I might have to spend that extra money on antidepressant meds for myself and get medical treatment for problems from living with them.

     My lease is up in March and Darlene’s lease is up in April.


First day of new job

 Russ took an Uber to his first day at the new job location.  He will take an Uber home. That is going to cost him about  $80.00 for the day just to get to and from work.
  Hilary has a list of apartments for him to look at … He will need to find a place soon … It is 8 PM and he is not home yet from work.
   He needs to find an apartment close to his job since he does not have a car.  He needs to get approved.  He needs to get moved into the apartment.


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