I feel discombobulated

  I just do not know what is going on …  I have Ubuntu on my main computer.  On my old computer I do have Windows 10 but it is a new install and I lost all of the programs that I had on my main computer.
  I feel like I lost a lot of time and work and files and programs.
   I sort of feel like just giving up..   The time and effort and money I put out to get all the software and hardware I wanted and now ..  I have a old computer with Windows 10 and my newer and older computer I have a new version of Ubuntu on it.

   I just do not feel like I am getting anything done .. or that I can do anything.
    I do have my new Movavi Video software and my new NCH Video Capture software on my Windows 10 computer, the old computer, but that is about all the software I got working right now.
     It does not help that FVD Speed Dial that I been using for years seems to be acting up.  I keep getting scrip errors with Foxfire.  It must be the FVD software because it happens on Windows and Ubuntu.
     One thing that did help … a guy came out of Charter Cable to pick up the TV boxes that I had.  I was going to have to take an Uber to return the boxes.  So that saved me some time and money.

     I am paying about $60.00 a month just for Internet service now from Charter Cable.  I get 60 Mbps down and almost 6 Mbps up.
     I think that is a lot of money just for Internet service.
     But I am waiting for AT&T turn on their fiber service here.  It will be 1 Gbps down and 1 Gbps up!  I  think that is going to cost $90.00 a month.  I will pay it. 
      I hate cold weather now .. When I was younger I worked in cold weather .. When I started out in life working as a  welder.. I worked for a year in a building that had few walls ..it was open so trains could enter  the building …  We had some cold fucking winters in Kansas City .. I would work 8 hours in the cold .. and limp home from feet being so cold.  I spent two years working for that company, Darby Corporation, and one year was in the “ship yard” and that was outside.  No build at all. 
       Now .. well .. I just can not take the cold weather and yes .. I know .. Texas does not have bad winters.  Still too cold for me.

        Back to the computers.. I could format my old computer and put Ubuntu on it. Then I could use that Windows code to install Windows on my newer computer. 
         I do not want to start over installing Windows on my computer again.

          I need to watch for a fast new computer with a lot of power on sale.  I would not mind it as much if I had to start over .. If I was installing Windows on a kick ass powerful computer.

           I think I should just give up on computers.

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