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I am back baby – got the new router

 I ordered the new router and was a bit worried that I might get hit with some bill before the next two days.. But right after I ordered the router (Google) YouTube put my $130.00 commission into my bank.  

  I ordered the router for one day delivery.  So I ordered about 9 AM today and I got it about 5 PM today. Pretty neat.

  The TP-Link AC1750 (Archer C7) router was very easy to setup.  No problems.  I plugged in my two computer wired.  I have two WiFi feeds.  One is on 2.4 Ghz and the other on 5 Ghz.
  I now got the two Roku TVs working OK.

  I am  happy …  But I still got a lot of stuff I need to do around here.
  Hilary and Russ are not coming over for Thanksgiving.  Russ has to work and Hilary is going to make a  turkey over there.  Dar will be making one here.
  Hilary’s birthday is on the 23rd.  I do not think we are going to see her.

  I just setup WiFi for my cell phone.  I first connected at 2.4 Ghz and then I went back and set it up to use 5 GHz. Not sure that 5 GHz is better but I suspect less connections.


I gave up and ordered the Router

 I been waiting until the 23rd to order the router I need.  I did not want to run my bank account down to low.  So waiting for my SS deposit to go into the bank.
 But I just give up..  I should be getting 100 Mbps down and 5 up. But with my current setup I get 35 Mbps down and 5 up.  I also do not have WiFi and so I can not get Roku on my TV sets.

  So I just ordered the TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router from Amazon.  I get free same day delivery.  God I love Amazon.

 One reason I wanted to get it right away is that Hilary and Russ may come over here for Thanksgiving or before and I want to make sure I got WiFi for them.
  OK OK .. I want it myself.

  It is ony 9:30 AM and I have installed ZORIN OS 12.0 on my old computer. So that computer in my YouTube studio and now is dual boot.  It boots up with Windows 10 and now ZORIN OS 12.  Zorin is version of, of course, Ubuntu.  It is designed to be very easy for people to use that have been using Windows or Apple OS.  
  I had just installed UbuntuStudio on that computer a couple of days ago.
  I have not taken my blood sugar for a few days.  I took it and it was 166. That is high but I had a cheese sandwich,olives  and Coke less than 2 hours before I took the test.  I do my testing in the morning before I eat.  So I think that is why the reading was high.
  My weight is 229.2  and BP is 143/68.

Freeze Warning for Tarrant TX

  The wind was blowing hard yesterday and it was a bit cool.  Today, at 7:15 AM, it is 39 degrees.  I am in Fort Worth TX.  The wind is not strong right now.  

  I made a lot of progress on my new YouTube studio.  I still got to work on that closet area.  It hurt to bend over and pick stuff off the floor.  I will get the job done.  I just do it slow.  At least when I bend over to pick stuff up .. no one hears me cuss.  I think today I will just take a Naproxen for the pain before I start the work.

  I still do not have WiFi.  I do not want to order the router until Wednesday.  Today is Saturday.  I do not want to spend $80.00 on  the router and then an bill for something else hit me.
   In some of my YouTube videos you will see a white board, on the wall, behind me.  You will see a long list of things.  Those are bills and the date I need to pay them or the date they take the money out of my account.  I live on a limited income and do not  want any surprises.

Still no WiFi

 I got the Linksys SE1500 5 port Ethernet Switch yesterday.  I hooked it up.  I ran the Internet from the cable modem into the switch and then plugged in my computer etc.  Nothing!  I do not understand what the heck is going on around here.
So I had to keep using the Obihai device.  It has a LAN port on it.  I had been using it for the last couple of days.

  So I ran the Internet from the cable modem into the Obihai device and then I ran a cable from the device into the new Linksys Switch.  Then the computer and devices I had plugged into the switch had Internet.

  I know I need a router.  I will have to wait until I get a commission check from YouTube and I think I will get one this month.  Or I will have to wait and order six days when I get my SS deposit.
  I am going to order the TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router.  Then I will get WiFi back into operation.  Then I will have WiFi for my cell phone and Fire tablet.  AND I will have WiFi so both my TV sets will have Roku working again.  

  Jimmy came over and I showed him the chair that I want to move from the living room into the new computer room. He  said the chair would not  fit through the door.  I told him I had it in my bedroom in the past.  He said no that was a different chair. 
  I told him no that is the chair … I told him the two of us could do it.  He said .. that it would take him and someone else .. that I would not be able to do it.  We talked for a little bit and he left.  Then I just went and moved the chair into the room. It took me less than 5 minutes.


The chair in the room!

Russell’s Room before

I hope that Russell is going to get everything out of his old room tonight.  I will then have a man cave for me or a YouTube studio.  I could even live stream from there.  I have a green screen I could put up.

Or I could have a room to hold all the wild parties I have.  I am sure you all know I am a party animal.

Another day of hell with this cat

 I am stuck with the cat today and tomorrow.  Russell has to work today from 9 PM to 5 AM.  So then he will have to sleep tomorrow all day.  I hope that Russ and Hilary can come over and clean the stuff out of his room tomorrow evening.  He has Wednesday off.  So they could stay late and do everything.
  I want to do something with that room.  Turn it into a man cave for Jimmy and I or set it up as a studio for making YouTube videos.  I am not sure what I will do .. But I want to use the space for something.

  Rusty, the cat, is driving me crazy. She is next to me all the time.  I can not leave a glass on my desk and walk into the kitchen and leave the glass alone.  She also walks right in front of me.  If they do not pick up this cat soon I am just going to walk on her.

  I am so tired .. I never get more than two hours sleep.

  I did not take a water pill today.  I took one a day for 13 days ..but I been feeling sick .. I just think a water pill for someone that does not drink water is not a good idea.


Rusty looking out the window

Monday a day of change

 Russell has Monday off.  He will be here and pick up more of his stuff.  He will take what he can and the cat to his new apartment.  That will free up his room and a bathroom.  
  There is a nice desk in there that is too big to move. So I will end up with a computer desk in that bed room.  I have a desktop computer and everything I need to setup in there.  I wonder if I should run Ubuntu or Windows 10 on the computer.

  I could setup that room as just a studio for YouTube videos.  I have a green screen and lights and everything.

  I have been taking my water pill everyday since the 1st.  So I have taken it for 12 days.  My weight is down from 240 to 227.6 pounds.  I swelling is down on my left foot.  Not all the way but it is smaller.  I been trying to eat a little better.  It is hard.
  I think the water pills make me feel a little sick.  Also I wake up every two hours and have to take a leak.  Same thing during the day.. I run to the bathroom all the time.  

  My son is better.. I think he may be back taking some of his meds.. But we worry .. everyday … we look and hope for any little sign that he might be getting better .. 
  Hilary will be here on Monday to help Russ move.  She said she would clean up a little here.  She has candy all over this place.  I hate to toss out “food.”  But after she leaves I am just going to have to find all the candy and toss it in the trash.
   Both Darlene and I are diabetic.  One or more of the meds that Jimmy should be taking can cause a person to become diabetic.

   Amazon updated their reviewing guidelines again. 

   The other day I went to my Amazon Review profile page and attempted to change my profile.  The change does not take place.  I attempted to change it to say that because of their new policy I would not be doing reviews.  But the change never shows up.  I think they have turned off the ability to change my profile.  I can just kill my profile so that one does not show.  I hate to do that because 15 people have signed up to follow my reviews.



Problems for Americans

 We have so many problems in the United States.  But it does not look like anyone is working on them.  Congress for the last 7 years  has just been attempting to make President Obama a failed President.  The Republican Congress has not been interested in doing anything to make things better for Americans.

  Congress held 14 Benghazi investigations.  It cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.  No evidence of any wrongdoing was found.  The Republicans admitted that the only reason for the hearings was to damage Hillary Clinton.
  All the time and all that money …  wasted …

  Here I am at 0200 hours trying to deal with a family member that has not taken his medication.     He has Schizophrenia and he has stopped taking his medication.  We can not get him to take his meds.  His illness is getting worst by the minute …  Right now there is nothing we can do.  Just trying to ask him what we can do … asking him to take his medication …  Just waiting until we have to call 911 and hope that they can help.
   Sometimes when the EMS and the police come they take him to the hospital. Most of the time the hospital just sends him back home.  Sometimes they refuse to take him to the hospital.  Sometimes the police tell us they do not have time for this and we should not be calling 911.
     So I know that something is going to happen … I do not know what is going to happen or just when it is going to happen.  But we are going to have an emergency and there is little to no help for us.
     I do not see Congress or the state of Texas doing anything to help.
I do not see real problems being taken care of …      and this is just one “little” problem that Americans have and our government is not doing anything.

    There are many other problems that need the attention of government.
     I do not see help for our family or any other family in Amercia        lddddddddddd    
I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  I got all the lights on so my son can pop in here …  He has done that about three times so far.   I am going to lay down on my bed with all the lights on so I will be ready for whatever happens.



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