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I have been blogging since 1982. Over the years I have report on and discuss subjects that interest me at the time.

Tomorrow we are getting cable TV back and faster Internet

 Russell has been paying Charter for Internet service.  We did away with cable television to save money.
 We been getting 60 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.  But we never go the 5 Mbps.  Sometimes 4.5 up but most of the time just 3 or 4 up.
We now Charter has a special deal and you can get 100 Mpbs down and 5 up IF you take cable TV.  The price is not bad for 12 months.  No contract but there is a $26.00 fee to set it up.  Russ signed up for it. The will be here tomorrow at 2 PM.
So tomorrow I will have about 130 channels of cable TV to watch, HD TV and a DVR box to record and play back.
Today they must have done something with the Internet speed.  We are a little over 60 Mbps down now but we get over 5 Mbps on the uploads.

If you been reading Howard’s Notebook or watching my YouTube videos you know that right now AT&T has put fiber cable on the street right in front of our apartment complex.  Russell says if AT&T offers us their 1 GB up and down Internet service that he will pay for it.  His plan is to keep both services!  

Update:  10/03/2016 at 0100 hours

They just upgraded our Internet speed.


The spinning cat

Rusty is a sweet cat and she loves attention and love.  But she is a pain the butt.  She is under my feet all the time.  She wants to jump up and get on my desk.  In the mornings most of all.
Now she likes to get on the back of my chair.  The first time she did it I decided to go around and around to get her off my chair.  She dug her claws into the chair and even bit the chair to stay on.  But she loves to go around and around.
When Hilary goes back to Sweden I am going to have to feed her and clean the cat litter.  With my  arthritis that hurts.  Rusty is not just a pain in the ass She is a pain in the neck, shoulders and back now.


New WordPress Theme Again

I am not sure why I did it…  I said I was not going to buy a new theme again.  I paid for a new theme for WordPress.  It was only $25.00 but I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years just on WordPress themes.

So I am using v1.0 of Madar Theme.  When I run the WordPress Theme Check it fails big time.  A long list of errors.  But the theme has a lot of interesting things that I like about it.  Not sure if I will get using it or toss it in the trash.

If YouTube turns on their new Community Page for all of us I will be giving up WordPress and my blog will be running on YouTube.  It will be like Twitter and Facebook but running on YouTube.  But you will know if you post a images or comment or post   and video that it will appear to everyone that goes to my YouTube Channel.  Right now you and I have no  idea who is seeing what is posted on Facebook.  


AT&T Laying The Cable

  I have been watching holes in the ground … I lead a pretty dull life …
For the last two days AT&T has been running the fiber cable .. Not sure if they dig a trench or if they pull it somehow …  But they are working and today the were hooking up number 23 Fort Worth Fire Station.  We live in the apartment complex right next to the fire station.
I want the 1 Gbps high speed Internet service.  I hope we get it soon.

att-cable-layingcable-laying-2  I hope we get the high speed Internet soon.  No idea at this point when we will get it.  I would think they would want to hook people up as soon as they can and pay for the cost of the cable going in the ground.

Been busy here …

  Been busy for the last week …  Details later maybe …
Doing reviews keeps me busy and giving away the stuff to people keeps me busy …
NO I do not want to be sending out stuff via the mail.  I just give it to people that live or work around here.  There is a computer shop down the street and a few months ago I just walked in with a bag full of stuff and handed it to them and walked out the door.  All brand new computer stuff.
“I am a river to my people.”  Smile

You may have heard about the new thing coming to YouTube one of these days called “Community.”  It will be like Facebook and Twitter for YouTube.  They are beta  testing it now.  Not sure when the rest of us will get it.  Right now about 8 or 10 YouTube sites have it.
If it works out I will just do away with my blogs.  Well my blog will be the Community on my YouTube Channel.  The question for me is what are they going to allow.  Right now if I post a video blog type of post on YouTube and I put in a  tag “drug” the scan for that and turn off the ability for me to make any money for the video.  So if I mention in the video that I went to my doctor and he put me on a new drug they turn off the ability for the video to   make any money.  So I want to know .. what will they allow in the Community?  Because in the Community you will be allowed to post  comments, videos, images etc.

Yesterday this site was down … Not my fault and not hacking …
Not sure what happened.  The hosting company or the domain company messed up.
I am tired of dealing with things like this all time.

The weather here in Fort Worth has turned cooler.  My arthritis is hurting me today.  I will talke a Naproxen in a few minutes.

Today, in the mail, Charter sent a deal.  They are now offering 100 Mbps Internet service. We pay them for 65 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.  I am sure they know that AT&T will soon have 1 Gbps down and up service for this area. 


Photo taken with my new sunglasses spy cam!

Photo taken with my new sunglasses spy cam!

I shut down my LinkedIn account

  I closed my Linkedin account.  It may take a few weeks for my public profile to disappear.  I never used the account.  I am 75 years of age and I think it is time to start shutting down some of the sites that I have signed up for over the years.
Each site I am signed up for is a site that a hacker may get access to information about me.
My God I am signed up with a lot of sites.

Fort Worth Allergy Report

  The last few years I was in Kansas City I  got a bad ragweed allergy.  Then I was in FL for years.  I do not remember having major problems in FL.  I been in Texas for years now.  I think from time to time I have some minor hay fever problems.  My guess is that it is ragweed.
Of course now that I am 75 years of age I do not have to get out and work with the pollen in the air.  That is hard when you work outside and have allergy problems. 

The last few days I been having some problems I think. 

I see, from Pollen.Com, that yesterday the count was high, today it is medium-high and tomorrow will be medium.  The top allergens in Fort Worth right now are ragweed, elm and Chenopods. 

My son is 40 today

  I got married at age 26.  Darlene was 18 when we got married.  We had four children.  Our youngest James Joseph Howard IV is 40 years old today. I am 75 years of age.
Darlene and I got a divorce after 12 years.
Darlene and I live next door to each other in Fort Worth TX.
James lives with her and my grandson, Hilary’s son, lives with me.
Our other three children live in Washington DC, Florida and Sweden.  Hilary lives in Sweden but has been visiting here for about a year.  Soon as she gets a few things done she will be returning to Sweden soon.

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today – I took this photo about 0700 09/17/2016 with my cell phone.


   I have seen a number of movies about the old days and movies.  How important and the effect on everyone back in the old days.  I have seen movies about radio and the effects on people from the old days.
  I do not remember seeing movies about comics on people.  I am 75 years of age.  I was born in 1941 in Kansas City (MO).  So I was a kid when radio and movies were a big part of our lives.  Comics were also a big part of the lives of kids back then.  TV did not come to Kansas City until WDAF-TV signed on channel 4 in 1949.  I would have been 9 years old.

In the old days kids would buy a lot of comics.  We also traded with our friends.  I can remember us walking around the neighborhood with a stack of comics and we would go to a kid’s house and he would get his stack of comics and we would trade with each other.
If I remember correct in the summer of about 1952, Barnwell SC, I walked around the trailer park and traded with kids.  I spent the summer there because my father was working on the Savannah H-bomb plant.  He was a boilermaker and had a Q-clearance.  

I just signed up for a 30 day trial of ComiXology.  

ComiXology (styled comiXology) is a cloud-based digital comicsdigital distribution platform with over 200 million comic downloads as of September 2013.[1] It offers a selection of more than 50,000[2]comic books and graphic novels across Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows 8,[3] and the Internet.[4][5] In April 2014, ComiXology became a subsidiary of[6]

ComiXology’s digital platform with Guided View reading technology is used in the company’s own branded applications, and is the engine used by most major comic book publishers in the United States, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics for their privately branded digital services.[7] With the release of the third generation iPad and its Retina Display, ComiXology released a high-definition comic format dubbed CMX-HD.[8] The company also provides tools for brick-and-mortar comic book retailers to participate in digital comic sales.[9]

I have only been signed up for a few minutes. My Amazon Fire has not been turned on in months.  I will have to charge it up.  I am not sure how much you get free for the $8.00 a month.  I hope I can look at old comics.  I do not plan to buy any comics that cost money.


Jim having some pizza before doing a review.

Jim having some pizza before doing a review.


   I gave up on the idea of doing a podcast.  I was going to use SoundCloud but I did not like the way they displayed the podcast.  I may look for someplace else to do podcasts.

   I formatted my old computer and put Linux Mint 18 on it. Pretty neat looking.


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