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President Trump – what now

 We have just elected the worst person that I can think of as President of the United States.
  Donald Trump is stupid.  My God what have we done.
  Donald Trump is a con man .. a “reality” TV media person.  I think he is going to do all of this like a reality TV show.  He is going to want to show that he is smart and that he is in charge.  
   In his mind he is going to pick the best people and show how well he can run things.  The problem is he has the worst people around him and even if he had high quality people appointed he would not listen to them.  You can not tell Donald Trump anything.
   That is scary for a President of the United States.
   You want the President to have great presidential advisors.  
    President Reagan had the most corrupt administration.  Everyone around him committed crimes.  There was 138 administration officials with indictments or convictions.  Many felony counts.
     I am sure we see many more in the administration of President Donald Trump.

     President Trump is going to move to repeal ObamaCare.  It needs to be fixed.  It should be improved.  Since ObamaCare was passed the Republicans did everything they could do to try and make it fail.
      I do not think it will be repealed.  Congress will have to try and act like they are trying to fix it.  But the Republicans are not going to do anything to make ObamaCare a success.  So for the millions of people that depend on ObamaCare there are going to be hard times coming soon ..thanks to President Trump.

      There is not going to be a “wall” and there is not going to be mass deportations.  Donald Trump might build a small wall someplace to try and make it look like he is doing it …  
       The scary thing is the SCOTUS.  The damage that the Republicans could do to the United States could last for 30 years.

        Thank God I have Medicare.  Of course the Republicans want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. 

Ready to vote and for this election to come to an end

 It is 0445 hours and I am up … I been up for a  bit .. I am ready to vote.  
I want this election to end ..  I hope the people of the United States never have to suffer with an election like this one again.

  It is 64 degrees and cloudy with some light rain from time to time.  I am in Fort Worth TX and the polls will open at 0700 hours.
  We have had  weather like this for a week or more.  No sun or very little and light rain and from time to time heavy rain.  Not sure if this will effect voting or not.

  My voting place is the Birchman Baptist Church at 2700 Dale Lane, Fort Worth TX.  It is a 3 minute drive from here.  I do not own a car.  You can take a bus and it is 19 minutes from here.  I walked home from voting one year and it takes 30 minutes.  
  I will be using Uber to and from voting today.  
  For those of you that say I should walk for the exercise I thank you for the caring and the advice but I am not sure I could make it.  I have problems walking a few hundred feet to the mailbox.  I also would piss my pants during the walk.  Yes I urinate before I do something.  Even here at home I can urinate and then walk to the kitchen and have to run back to my bathroom again before I can put something in the microwave.  
   So I will be taking an Uber to and from voting today.

   The first President I voted for was John F. Kennedy.  I had to vote by absentee ballot because I was from Missouri but I was going to welding school in Ohio. 
   Later in life I voted for President Barack Obama. Today I will be voting for the first woman President.

    Donald Trump and I have a few things in common.  We are both white men with small hands.  We were both “4-F” He however used student deferments and then being 4-F to stay out of the military.  I however attempted to get into the military a number of times even having bad hearing loss in both ears and being 40 pounds under weight.  
     We both went to military high schools.  Recently he has said that his high school ROTC training gave him “more training  militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”  
      I have never said anything like that .. because I am not crazy and a serial liar.

       I will be voting soon.  
       I wish I was voting for someone else than Hillary Clinton.  I can not, of course, vote for Donald Trump.  If you are voting for Donald Trump I feel very sorry for you. There is something very wrong with you.  Please get help for you condition.  


Social Security Benefits in 2017

I just spent over $600.00 on a new camera.  I live on Social Security benefits.  In 2017 the Social Security benefits, for 65 million Americans, will increase 0.3 percent or about $4.00 per month!

I guess buying that camera was not such a smart idea.  Smile.  
But it is election time … Well if Donald Trump is elected he will try and put an end to Social Security and Medicare.
Now if Hilary is elected she has said that she wants to increase Social Security benefits.  I do not think the Republicans in Congress are going to do anything but try and bring down Hillary. They sure are not  going work to fix problems.  They are going to be too busy trying to impeach President Clinton.

I better enjoy this camera.  I think it is going to be my last new camera.

An Increase in Social Security Benefits in 2017

Early voting in Texas

 I was going to do early voting in Texas today.  I am not sure I am going to do it today.  I was thinking that my normal voting place would be the place I would do early voting.  No it is not.  The place I would have to go is 6 miles from here and would take me 12 minutes if there is no traffic.  I do not have a car so I was going to take Uber there and back.
  I think I will just wait for election day and vote at the place that I been voting for years.  I took the bus in the past and I even walked home from voting one time.  My heath has changed and I do not think I would be walking home again from voting.
  I been up all night .. I had to fill my pill box.  I do that on the 1st of the month.  It takes some time to do.

  Oh … I do not get a commission from YouTube if you watch the above video and 3,434 have watched it so far.  The reason I do not get paid is because I put the word “drug” in the tags.
  There are, at least, five other videos that Amazon rejects for the same reason.  One of them has 22,751 views – “What is a pill cutter?”  

  I am thinking about Not Monetizing any of my videos.  That means that you would not see adv on any of my 600 videos.  It means I would not get any commission when people watch my videos.  I get about $30.00 a month now.  But I am just tried of having to deal with the crap from YouTube.

4K video and more coming soon

 You should soon be seeing much better YouTube videos from me.  I just ordered a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 camera.  I had in the past the FZ200 and it was an excellent camera.  I did not have it long.  I got it and loved it but I sold it on eBay so I could buy a smaller camera.  I got, and still have, a Panasonic DMC-LX7.  
But I missed the FZ200.  
The FZ300 has some major improvements.  It does 4K video.  It does  WiFi and that will help me.  I can use it instead of the USB webcam for my YouTube desk videos and I can zoom and control the camera using my cell phone or tablet.

  I think my YouTube videos are going to get much better.  We will see.
  If you want to  read about the FZ300, the FZ330 in the UK, the best review I think is the DPReview.  

The election from hell

  I am going to vote tomorrow.  My God this has been the election from hell.  Someday they are going to  write in history books about this time and election and they will make a movie about it.  No one is going to believe the movie.
  We are living it and I do not think we can believe it is real.
  I am a Democrat and I did not want Hillary Clinton has our candidate.  If the Republicans could have come up with a decent candidate I might have looked at them and voted for them. 
  But Jesus fucking Christ they came up with Donald Trump!
  Donald Trump is the last person in the world that I would want holding any elected office.  He is going to lose this election big time. 
  But then, I suspect, we are going to be subject to Trump TV. 
The news media will know they can get him to say stupid and crazy things so for the next few years they will going to him and asking him to say something on everything that happens.

  Of course the Republicans are going to keep doing what they been doing for years… 
  They will do everything they can to prevent President Hillary Clinton from doing anything good for the American people and they will do everything they can to make sure she is a failed president and that she does not get a second term.

  Think of all the investigations of Hillary Clinton in the past.  Non-stop stupid investigations and nothing was ever found.
  I am going to make a YouTube video on my recommendations on what can be done to fix our system.  Not that anyone cares. 
 It looks like our broken system just keeps on doing the same thing.

  I do think that Donald Trump is going to lose so  bad that things may change with the Republican Party.
  That might be interesting to watch … but I want both parties to work.  I want the Republican Party to try and come up with policies to fix the nation.  I want Democrats and Republicans to work with each other.


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

 I have been playing Civ V for years.  Right now I am downloading, from Steam, Civilization VI.  I wonder if I am going to like it. Civ V I just do the single player version.  I never play others.  I also just play it very simple.  I am not sure I have ever completed a game.  I like to keep it simple and easy.  I just enjoy build up my nation.
  So this is going to be very different for me.

I am getting the $59.99 version and I am getting it from Amazon.
So I just paid for it and Steam is downloading it.



Is Donald Trump a Orange Cokehead?

 Donald Trump is calling on Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen.  He is so stupid and crazy that I will not even try and follow the reasons for it.

  I do think that Donald Trump has major mental problems. But I think he could pass the “test” for that.  They would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt himself and they would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt someone else and he would say no.
The problem with that is .. the question is .. Do you want Donald Trump to have the launch codes for nuclear weapons?  Do you want him to be pissed at 3 AM and decided to launch a nuclear attack on Rosie O’Donnell?  Rosie O’Donnell lives in NJ!

Republicans and right wing people always attack people for something and it seems the thing they attack people about are crimes or things that they do.
So with Donald Trump wanting Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen makes me wonder if all of his SNIFFING  is a sign he is doing coke.  


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