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Vulgar Donald Trump

 In the past sometimes I posted a lot of stuff about politics.  The last few years not so much.  I, like all of you, am  sick and tired of politics.  It also does not do any good.  I can post what I think and other people do not  care.  If you do not agree with me … No one is going to change their mind.

This election has been a shocker … It scares me and makes me sick.
Donald Trump is a joke, not a funny one, and is scary.  The worst part of this election is the voters and the Republican Party.
  That a major political party could even consider someone like Donald Trump is unreal .. scary … It makes me wonder what is wrong with American voters.  It makes me wonder what is wrong with the educational system in the United States.

  But this has been going on now for sometime and I will be so glad when this is all over … except we will have to hear from the loser Donald Trump.  The media will be running to him to see what he will say after the election.  He is good for their ratings.  I also think Donald Trump will start a Trump TV channel.  I think it will fail like everything else he does.

  But about this current information that has come out about Donald Trump … I am not surprised and I do not think any of you should be surprised.  That is Donald Trump.  He has said things about women … He picked Roger Ailes to run his political campaign.

I want to comment on a few things that I have heard …  Some people think this is going to hurt him  with his supporters.  I do not think it will have any effect on his core voters.  They already know what he is and they do not care.  They have made up their mind.  They support him, for different reasons, and will stand by and defend him.
Many of his male supporters are going to say .. this is just the way men talk .. this is “locker room” talk etc.
   I am sorry .. But gentlemen do not talk like that .. honorable and courteous men do not talk like that …
If a man is talking like that he has a very small penis or he has never had his penis in a “pussy.”  Or it is a man that is interested in men and is trying to act like he is interested in women.

Now Trump has NOT apologized yet.  His video I would not call one.
When I saw the video I was thinking the same thing that the Huffington Post said in their headline and that was “Donald Trump ‘Apologizes’ In Recording That Looks Like A Hostage Tape.” 

Some people are saying that Donald Trump will drop out of the election.  I do not think that is going to happen.  What a mess the Republicans have on their small hands.

Yes an end to Amazon incentivized reviews

  I was wrong yesterday about the Amazon incentivized reviews ending.  First time in my life I was ever wrong about anything. Smile

Here is the statement from Amazon:

Customer reviews are one of the most valuable tools we offer customers for making informed purchase decisions, and we work hard to make sure they are doing their job. In just the past year, we’ve improved review ratings by introducing a machine learned algorithm that gives more weight to newer, more helpful reviews; applying stricter criteria to qualify for the Amazon verified purchase badge; and suspending, banning or suing thousands of individuals for attempting to manipulate reviews.

Our community guidelines have always prohibited compensation for reviews, with an exception – reviewers could post a review in exchange for a free or discounted product as long as they disclosed that fact. These so-called ‘incentivized reviews’ make up only a tiny fraction of the tens of millions of reviews on Amazon, and when done carefully, they can be helpful to customers by providing a foundation of reviews for new or less well-known products.

Today, we updated the community guidelines to prohibit incentivized reviews unless they are facilitated through the Amazon Vine program. We launched Vine several years ago to carefully facilitate these kinds of reviews and have been happy with feedback from customers and vendors. Here’s how Vine works: Amazon – not the vendor or seller – identifies and invites trusted and helpful reviewers on Amazon to post opinions about new and pre-release products; we do not incentivize positive star ratings, attempt to influence the content of reviews, or even require a review to be written; and we limit the total number of Vine reviews that we display for each product. Vine has important controls in place and has proven to be especially valuable for getting early reviews on new products that have not yet been able to generate enough sales to have significant numbers of organic reviews. We also have ideas for how to continue to make Vine an even more useful program going forward. Details on that as we have them.

The above changes will apply to product categories other than books. We will continue to allow the age-old practice of providing advance review copies of books.

Thank you.

– Chee Chew, VP, Customer Experience

The above was dated October 3, 2016.  I did a incentivized review yesterday and Amazon approved it.  So I do not know if they are not putting this in effect right now for everyone or what.  I have a number of items that I was sent to review in the past that need to be reviewed by me.  I will keep reviewing them until Amazon rejects them.
I am not one of the Vine reviewers.  So this ban should effect me.
Until the 3rd I was getting 7 to 14 email request each night to review items.  Now I am getting zero.  So Amazon has contacted sellers.  The sellers would check a Amazon list of reviewers and pick out people, like me, to contact.  I suspect now that the sellers must not see a list of reviewers or their is a policy statement there telling them they must work with the Amazon Vine program.

I have been giving away 99% of the review stuff that I received after I reviewed the item.  So a lot of people around me are going to miss out on free stuff.  I put a lot of work into doing the reviews.  It took up a lot of my time.  I did a video with each review that I did.
So I am sort of glad that Amazon has made this change now.  This going to free up a lot of time for me.  I have been wanting to do somethings and I did not have the time.
I will still review an item from time to time.  I did that years ago.  But I only did a review when I got ordered and got in an item from Amazon and it was so excellent that I wanted others to know about it.  So I think I will do the same thing.

There are now a bunch of YouTube videos with people that have been doing reviews that are very upset.
There is a company called ReviewMeta that says that their data proves that these Amazon reviews have been extremely biased.  I looked at their site and their data.  I do not think that it shows reviews are extremely biased.
I did not spend all day on their site but from the little I saw … I do not think they have any proof and am not sure their system works.
I will not go into all the problems with their system.  But let me mention one thing they look at the product being sold on Amazon and then they scan the reviews to see if in the written review the same words are used in the review!  What?
I have reviewed over 600 items.  When you review the item you mention often who made it or sold it and the features of the item.  You will mention if it use a battery and what type etc.

But with this site … They have links to products on Amazon and if you click on the link they make a commission!
Not only that they have plugins that you can install on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.  You can use that plugin to check and see if the reviews are honest I guess.  But, of course, when you use their plugin and you buy something on Amazon guess who gets a commission?

Now have their been dishonest reviews.  I bet their have been.
But welcome to business and welcome to America.  Hell look who we have running for President of the United States now.
There are always going to be trying to get into your pocket and make money without working.
I can fully understand that Amazon wants to make sure that everyone keeps using their Amazon reviews and trusts the reviews.

So Amazon might be doing the thing that is best for their business.

What we need, I think, is better educated citizens.  If you can not look at reviews and see good reviews and see when someone is lying then you did not get a good education.
But there are a lot of stupid people and I guess we need to try and protect their dumb asses.


Amazon banning incentivized reviews

Published on Oct 4, 2016

Reports on many web sites say that Amazon is banning incentivized  reviews tied to free or discounted products.

I say this is not correct in this review.

Tech Crunch:
Amazon Police:

Sorry the audio was not very good on this video. I had picked the wrong microphone.

I just uploaded a review to Amazon and it was approved.
So I think I am correct in my comments in this YouTube post.

Update: Lon Seidman on his YouTube site talks about this issue today:

Here is the Amazon statement on this issue dated today:

Tomorrow we are getting cable TV back and faster Internet

 Russell has been paying Charter for Internet service.  We did away with cable television to save money.
 We been getting 60 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.  But we never go the 5 Mbps.  Sometimes 4.5 up but most of the time just 3 or 4 up.
We now Charter has a special deal and you can get 100 Mpbs down and 5 up IF you take cable TV.  The price is not bad for 12 months.  No contract but there is a $26.00 fee to set it up.  Russ signed up for it. The will be here tomorrow at 2 PM.
So tomorrow I will have about 130 channels of cable TV to watch, HD TV and a DVR box to record and play back.
Today they must have done something with the Internet speed.  We are a little over 60 Mbps down now but we get over 5 Mbps on the uploads.

If you been reading Howard’s Notebook or watching my YouTube videos you know that right now AT&T has put fiber cable on the street right in front of our apartment complex.  Russell says if AT&T offers us their 1 GB up and down Internet service that he will pay for it.  His plan is to keep both services!  

Update:  10/03/2016 at 0100 hours

They just upgraded our Internet speed.


I shut down my LinkedIn account

  I closed my Linkedin account.  It may take a few weeks for my public profile to disappear.  I never used the account.  I am 75 years of age and I think it is time to start shutting down some of the sites that I have signed up for over the years.
Each site I am signed up for is a site that a hacker may get access to information about me.
My God I am signed up with a lot of sites.

Trump wants people inciting violence arrested!!!

I do not know if I should laugh or if I should cry.  Donald Trump is saying today “…Those people should be arrested because they are inciting violence…”
Is Donald Trump calling for the arrest of Donald Trump and his followers?
Donald Trump is calling for violence and attacks on people just about every time he opens his mouth.

Donald Trump says that we and the police know who is attacking us here at home.
Yes… most of the attacks here in the United States are by right wing people and groups.  But Republicans and the right went crazy when the FBI came up with a report with those details and wanted to add some additional FBI agents to preventing those sorts of attacks.

Deadly Attacks Since 9/11

The list above shows “Jihadist Attacks” at 10 (94 people killed) and Right Wing Attacks 18 (48 people killed).  Now in the “Jihadist” attacks 49 of the killed people were at the Orlando Night Club Shooting.  The “Jihadist” killer was gay and his father had made the killer be filled with self hate.

See New York Times story “Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadist in U.S. Since 9/11.”
Note the story was written in June of 2015 before the 2016 Orlando Night Club Shooting.

Donald Trump has been calling and is calling now for us to give up freedom of speech, to give up freedom of the press and give up what has made America great.  That is just what the Jihadist want us to do.  They hate our freedoms.  That is what they hate about America.
Also since since Donald Trump wants to do away with the First Amendment then what is to stop him or someone else from doing away with the Second Amendment?


Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Democrats and Hillary Clinton have NOT called for doing away with the Second Amendment.  They have not called for doing away with any amendment.
I think the only thing gun rights people should fear is Donald Trump and his followers.


My son is 40 today

  I got married at age 26.  Darlene was 18 when we got married.  We had four children.  Our youngest James Joseph Howard IV is 40 years old today. I am 75 years of age.
Darlene and I got a divorce after 12 years.
Darlene and I live next door to each other in Fort Worth TX.
James lives with her and my grandson, Hilary’s son, lives with me.
Our other three children live in Washington DC, Florida and Sweden.  Hilary lives in Sweden but has been visiting here for about a year.  Soon as she gets a few things done she will be returning to Sweden soon.

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today

Jimmy 40 Years Old Today – I took this photo about 0700 09/17/2016 with my cell phone.

Not Monetized YouTube Videos

 I just did a check and I have now over 40 of my videos on YouTube that are “Not Monetized.”  I have over 600 videos but why all of a sudden they go and mark over 40 of my videos I have no idea.
Here is just a few of them that they have taken away my ability to make money from them.
I clicked a few of them and turned on the ability to earn money from them.
So I think it is just some sort of error on the part of YouTube.

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