President Trump says “blame the judge!”

  The ban on Muslims coming into the United States is un-American and, I think, unconstitutional. 
The Slate has a article on it:  Clear Violation
  They say it is unconstitutional in five ways;  Equal Protection, First Amendment, Due Process, Habeas Corpus and Family Reunification Rights.

  President Trump also is attacking US District Judge Rames Robart.  He has attacked other judges in the past. 
  The President of the United States should not attack a judge.
  Plus I would also fear that he is putting the judge and his family in danger.  President Trump has some crazy people out there that believe in him and listen to him.  I hope that extra security is being given to judges that President Trump is attacking.

  Republican members of Congress should make it clear to President Trump that we are a nation of laws. 

  President Trump is also being very stupid.  His ban on Muslims and other actions, I think, is going to go to the Supreme Court.  I do not think that the Supreme Court is going to like that the President of the United States is attacking federal judges.  The high court may just decide to send a message to the head of he Executive branch from the Judicial branch of the government. 

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