Donald Trump is going to announce his pick for the Supreme Court

President Trump is going to announce his pick for the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday at 8 PM.  I hope he does not announce it at 2 AM on Twitter.

I have a problem with all of the picks that President Trump has made so far for his administration.  So I do not expect to be happy with his Supreme Court pick.  Not that I know any of them.  God please tell me he will not pick Judge Judy.

The Supreme Court position needs to be filled.  The Republicans were Un-American to not fill the seat during the time President Obama was office.
But it does need to be filled.
Not sure this is as good time for President Trump.

With President Trump you expect him to do the wrong thing.  I wonder who he is going to listen to.  President Trump’s sister is a United States Judge on the 3rd Circuit.  His sister’s name is Judge Maryanne Trump Barry

I do not know anything about any of the judges that might be picked.  I do think that President Trump will listen to his older sister.  She is on the 3rd Circuit.  I bet he picks someone from the 3rd Circuit.  (NO not his sister.)
Republicans hate his sister and call her “Trump’s abortion-loving  sister!”  I am sure they do not want him to listen to his sister.

President Trump can do real damage to the United States.  We see that in just 8 days of him being President.
But the President making appointments to the Supreme Court my God the damage and effect it would have on the United States could last for 30 or more years! 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us!!!



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