Trump’s Education Secretary – God help us

“Betsy DeVos crashed and burned during confirmation hearings for Trumps Cabinet office of Education Secretary. I’m not sure what Betsy DeVos should be Secretary of, but it’s not Education maybe Secretary of one of Trump’s businesses would be a better fit for the Charter School advocate who folded under questions posed by Benrie Sanders, Al Franken, Chris Murphy and Elizabeth Warren. Only Trump’s most “AnthingTrumpSays” supporters can honestly watch Betsy DeVos fumble questions like what type of teaching do your prefer proficiency or growth? and come away thinking “Sure! This woman is very qualified to run the agency responsible for Education America.”

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Jim Howard

I setup a bulletin board system called Howard's Notebook in 1982. People connected at 300 baud. Upgrades and new things were done until 1995 when the world wide web was invented. Howard's Notebook was then moved to the web and is still in operation. I been blogging since 1982! I had one of the first webcams online.
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