New taxes from the Republicans

It looks like President Donald Trump and the Republicans want new taxes! 
It looks like President Trump wants a 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for the $15 billion dollar wall that he wants to build!

Who do you think is going to pay that new tax on Mexico?  You and I will pay it.

If the tax causes problems for Mexico then who will need to bail them out?  You and I will have to do it.  We can not have Mexico fail. 
They are on our border.  If they have problems we will have major problems. 

President Trump had no idea what he is doing.  You have money in the stock market?  Better take it out and put it under your mattress.

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Jim Howard

I setup a bulletin board system called Howard's Notebook in 1982. People connected at 300 baud. Upgrades and new things were done until 1995 when the world wide web was invented. Howard's Notebook was then moved to the web and is still in operation. I been blogging since 1982! I had one of the first webcams online.
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