My son wants to buy a laptop computer from Dell

Yesterday it was the painters working upstairs.  Not a problem.   It sounds like today it is the carpet people .. and that will mean pounding.
This apartment complex has two men that do most of the work around here.  Right now I think they are down to one man.  Lot of work for one man.
When someone moves out they have painters come from some company and paint the apartment.  Then they have a company comes in and put down the carpet.  I think that is it except for they have a couple of women come in and they clean the place.
  I mention this because … If you have some  skills you might look around where you live and see if you could make a deal with apartment complexes.  Not a bad job.  You have the skills, you have the tools and they just call you when they need your services.  It could be extra money.  You might also have family that could help you.  Get that teenage son out of the basement and get him to do some work and learn a skill.

  I am waiting for a headset to get here today.
  It is cold … I do not want to get out.  But I guess walking to the mailbox will not kill me.  But at 75 years of age you never know.

  My blood sugar  was only 96 this morning.  I am low on food here.. I found something to eat.  Then I had some candy.  I know… I have a good blood sugar level and then I eat candy.
  I am 231.4 pounds.  I need to make an appointment with my doctor.  He wants to see me about each six months.  It is time for me to see him.  I will make it for late this month or at the first of next month.


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