BY70-1: new FM SAT in orbit

BY70-1: new FM SAT in orbit

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Mode V/u FM transponder;
uplink 145.920MHz +67Hz PL
downlink 436.200MHz
530 km sun-synchronous orbit, 3-axis stabilized 2U CubeSat

BY70-1 (Bayi Kepu Weixing 1)

BY70-1 (Bayi Kepu Weixing 1) Gunter’s Space Page – Information on Launch vehicles, Satellites, Space Shuttle and Astronautics

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BY70-1 or Bayi Kepu Weixing 1 is a 2U-CubeSat project led by China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology International Communications for school education and amateur radio. Students from the Beijing Bayi High School built the satellite under the instructions from experts.

The amateur radio equipment onboard will provide telecommand, telemetry and FM repeater functions. The spacecraft will be 3 axis stabilised and have deployable solar panels. Proposing a V/U transponder and requesting a 436.2MHz downlink and a 145.935 MHz uplink.

The satellite was launched on 28 December 2016 on a CZ-2D (2) rocket as a piggy-back payload. A launch mishap left the payloads in a lower than planned orbit.

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