Another day of hell with this cat

 I am stuck with the cat today and tomorrow.  Russell has to work today from 9 PM to 5 AM.  So then he will have to sleep tomorrow all day.  I hope that Russ and Hilary can come over and clean the stuff out of his room tomorrow evening.  He has Wednesday off.  So they could stay late and do everything.
  I want to do something with that room.  Turn it into a man cave for Jimmy and I or set it up as a studio for making YouTube videos.  I am not sure what I will do .. But I want to use the space for something.

  Rusty, the cat, is driving me crazy. She is next to me all the time.  I can not leave a glass on my desk and walk into the kitchen and leave the glass alone.  She also walks right in front of me.  If they do not pick up this cat soon I am just going to walk on her.

  I am so tired .. I never get more than two hours sleep.

  I did not take a water pill today.  I took one a day for 13 days ..but I been feeling sick .. I just think a water pill for someone that does not drink water is not a good idea.


Rusty looking out the window

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