Monday a day of change

 Russell has Monday off.  He will be here and pick up more of his stuff.  He will take what he can and the cat to his new apartment.  That will free up his room and a bathroom.  
  There is a nice desk in there that is too big to move. So I will end up with a computer desk in that bed room.  I have a desktop computer and everything I need to setup in there.  I wonder if I should run Ubuntu or Windows 10 on the computer.

  I could setup that room as just a studio for YouTube videos.  I have a green screen and lights and everything.

  I have been taking my water pill everyday since the 1st.  So I have taken it for 12 days.  My weight is down from 240 to 227.6 pounds.  I swelling is down on my left foot.  Not all the way but it is smaller.  I been trying to eat a little better.  It is hard.
  I think the water pills make me feel a little sick.  Also I wake up every two hours and have to take a leak.  Same thing during the day.. I run to the bathroom all the time.  

  My son is better.. I think he may be back taking some of his meds.. But we worry .. everyday … we look and hope for any little sign that he might be getting better .. 
  Hilary will be here on Monday to help Russ move.  She said she would clean up a little here.  She has candy all over this place.  I hate to toss out “food.”  But after she leaves I am just going to have to find all the candy and toss it in the trash.
   Both Darlene and I are diabetic.  One or more of the meds that Jimmy should be taking can cause a person to become diabetic.

   Amazon updated their reviewing guidelines again. 

   The other day I went to my Amazon Review profile page and attempted to change my profile.  The change does not take place.  I attempted to change it to say that because of their new policy I would not be doing reviews.  But the change never shows up.  I think they have turned off the ability to change my profile.  I can just kill my profile so that one does not show.  I hate to do that because 15 people have signed up to follow my reviews.



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