Update on Amazon Reviewing Guidelines


We updated our Community Guidelines to prohibit creating, modifying, or posting content in exchange for compensation of any kind:


It is not permitted to post reviews in exchange for a free or discounted copy of the product.

This email is intended to provide guidance on our new policy regarding incentivized reviews. It is not a notice of a violation. If you are offered compensation in exchange for a review, please report it to review-appeals@amazon.com. This will ensure that our review system remains helpful and fair to all reviewers, sellers, and customers. These reviews may also violate the Federal Trade Commission Act.

It is also prohibited to request compensation for reviews on your Amazon public profile or other channels.

If someone offers you a free or discounted product without requiring a review in exchange, posting a review is still prohibited if someone else can influence it. This can happen if someone can monitor whether you write a review, or the content of your review, to provide or withhold any future benefit.

To learn more about this policy and to see examples of reviews that are allowed or prohibited, please see our About Promotional Content help page:


The above changes apply only to product categories other than books. We continue to allow the practice of providing advance review copies of books.

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