Problems for Americans

 We have so many problems in the United States.  But it does not look like anyone is working on them.  Congress for the last 7 years  has just been attempting to make President Obama a failed President.  The Republican Congress has not been interested in doing anything to make things better for Americans.

  Congress held 14 Benghazi investigations.  It cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.  No evidence of any wrongdoing was found.  The Republicans admitted that the only reason for the hearings was to damage Hillary Clinton.
  All the time and all that money …  wasted …

  Here I am at 0200 hours trying to deal with a family member that has not taken his medication.     He has Schizophrenia and he has stopped taking his medication.  We can not get him to take his meds.  His illness is getting worst by the minute …  Right now there is nothing we can do.  Just trying to ask him what we can do … asking him to take his medication …  Just waiting until we have to call 911 and hope that they can help.
   Sometimes when the EMS and the police come they take him to the hospital. Most of the time the hospital just sends him back home.  Sometimes they refuse to take him to the hospital.  Sometimes the police tell us they do not have time for this and we should not be calling 911.
     So I know that something is going to happen … I do not know what is going to happen or just when it is going to happen.  But we are going to have an emergency and there is little to no help for us.
     I do not see Congress or the state of Texas doing anything to help.
I do not see real problems being taken care of …      and this is just one “little” problem that Americans have and our government is not doing anything.

    There are many other problems that need the attention of government.
     I do not see help for our family or any other family in Amercia        lddddddddddd    
I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  I got all the lights on so my son can pop in here …  He has done that about three times so far.   I am going to lay down on my bed with all the lights on so I will be ready for whatever happens.



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