Power loss in Fort Worth

 It was just a little storm .. about 3 AM .. I did not hear any thunder and was not aware of any lightning.  Then BANG and we lost power.  
  I waited a little bit to see if we would get power back .. no power .. no internet .. What the hell am I going to do without Internet?
  There was another loud bang.  I decided to take my new Panasonic FZ300K out for a test.  It is “splash proof.”  
  I am doing something wrong … This camera is great in low light and I am getting bad photos in low light.  I need to read up on the camera or check out some YouTube videos.  
Graham Houghton has a great YouTube site on photography and has a complete FZ200 series and has a FZ300 series.


Getting a new box and power

   The power and light people had to put in a new box.  We did not get power back until about 8:30 AM but I was so glad to get back to my  porn Internet that I did not care.

    Looks like it is going to rain all day today.  Hilary and Russ will be out looking at apartments.
    Russ has decided that he wants his own apartment.  So not only will he have my cat, Rusty, but I will be all alone.  
    It will be good for him to have his own place.  
    The problem is that Darlene and James live next door and they would like to move in here.  It would cut down our costs.  We would all have extra money each month for the first time. 
     It sure would be nice for me to have some extra money each month .. But on the other hand .. Darlene is my ex-wife.  My son, James, … well … I might have to spend that extra money on antidepressant meds for myself and get medical treatment for problems from living with them.

     My lease is up in March and Darlene’s lease is up in April.


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