Home Alone .. They forgot the Old Man

 In a few hours Russ has to leave here for his new job.  Hilary will be going with him to save the cost of an Uber.  He will go to work at his new job and Hilary will find a motel. Then tomorrow they he will have to find an apartment.  He does not have a car so the apartment has to be near his new job.  The apartment has to be within walking distance or on a bus line.
  A lot of stuff has to be done…  Find an apartment .. come up with rent, deposits and get everything approved.  
  I am going to be here alone.  My lease is up in March, I think, I might move to live with Russell if he gets a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment and if he would want that …He might want to on his own.  He might want someone living with him to help with the cost.  I am not going to know … I guess it does not matter right now.
    Rusty will be here with me until Russ gets an apartment.  Rusty cries when Hilary and Russ leave.  Russ loves Rusty but I think it would be better for Rusty to be here.  I am home 99% of the time.  Not sure how Rusty will do with Russ at work.
    I guess Rusty will be very happy when Russ gets home from work.
    Having Rusty here, with me, would be  hard on me.  My arthritis hurts .. bending down or getting down hurts like hell.  So feeding and doing the cat litter things are painful.  

    When Russ gets his apartment … I am not sure what Hilary is going to do …  She has a sailboat and some land in Texas that she needs to take care of …  She has a husband and a sail boat in Sweden that she needs to take care of … She has some medical problems that she needs to have taken care of and her doctor is in Sweden …
     Russ has to make a lot of decisions.  Hilary is going to have a lot of stress.

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