The election from hell

  I am going to vote tomorrow.  My God this has been the election from hell.  Someday they are going to  write in history books about this time and election and they will make a movie about it.  No one is going to believe the movie.
  We are living it and I do not think we can believe it is real.
  I am a Democrat and I did not want Hillary Clinton has our candidate.  If the Republicans could have come up with a decent candidate I might have looked at them and voted for them. 
  But Jesus fucking Christ they came up with Donald Trump!
  Donald Trump is the last person in the world that I would want holding any elected office.  He is going to lose this election big time. 
  But then, I suspect, we are going to be subject to Trump TV. 
The news media will know they can get him to say stupid and crazy things so for the next few years they will going to him and asking him to say something on everything that happens.

  Of course the Republicans are going to keep doing what they been doing for years… 
  They will do everything they can to prevent President Hillary Clinton from doing anything good for the American people and they will do everything they can to make sure she is a failed president and that she does not get a second term.

  Think of all the investigations of Hillary Clinton in the past.  Non-stop stupid investigations and nothing was ever found.
  I am going to make a YouTube video on my recommendations on what can be done to fix our system.  Not that anyone cares. 
 It looks like our broken system just keeps on doing the same thing.

  I do think that Donald Trump is going to lose so  bad that things may change with the Republican Party.
  That might be interesting to watch … but I want both parties to work.  I want the Republican Party to try and come up with policies to fix the nation.  I want Democrats and Republicans to work with each other.


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