Is Donald Trump a Orange Cokehead?

 Donald Trump is calling on Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen.  He is so stupid and crazy that I will not even try and follow the reasons for it.

  I do think that Donald Trump has major mental problems. But I think he could pass the “test” for that.  They would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt himself and they would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt someone else and he would say no.
The problem with that is .. the question is .. Do you want Donald Trump to have the launch codes for nuclear weapons?  Do you want him to be pissed at 3 AM and decided to launch a nuclear attack on Rosie O’Donnell?  Rosie O’Donnell lives in NJ!

Republicans and right wing people always attack people for something and it seems the thing they attack people about are crimes or things that they do.
So with Donald Trump wanting Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen makes me wonder if all of his SNIFFING  is a sign he is doing coke.  


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