The Debate

 God I wish the election would be over with … I hate this entire election …  I am a Democrat … I fucking hate the Republican Party for causing this entire fucking mess.  Hillary Clinton was not who I wanted running for President of the United States.  She was far down on my list.  But she is the Democrat running and I will have to vote for her.  The Republicans fucked up again … They do it all the time.
Of course Fox News, right wing hate radio and others caused the Republican Party to pick Donald Trump for their ticket.  So no matter how much you do not want Hillary as President … If you have a couple of working brain cells you can not vote for Donald Trump.

  I watched the debate tonight …  There are so many wrong  things that Donald Trump said…  it make my head hurt.  My God …  He is so pissed at Hillary Clinton that he said in public that if he is elected President of the United States he is going to get even with her and use the power of the federal government!  My God .. Even Richard Nixon did not say that in public. Nixon had his hit lists and even broke into the Democrats HQ.  But he did not announce to the public that he was going to put the person that ran against him in fucking jail.
If anyone should be going to jail I would think it would be Donald Trump. He called on Russia to break into Hillary’s computer files and release them!  Putin and Russia did that to get Donald Trump elected!
That is treason if you ask me. That makes Donald Trump guilty of treason.  And the Republican worry about “voter fraud!”  (We do not have voter fraud in the United States. Hell we can not get people to vote. Plus many Republican admit in public that the entire “voter fraud” is just trying to prevent Democrats from voting.)

I am 75 years of age.  I got a few medical problems.  I do not want to wish any of my days away …  I do not have that many left … But I wish I could just sleep until this entire election is over.
The only problem is what is going to happen after Hillary is elected?
Trump has been saying that if he loses then the election was not fair. Is Donald Trump going to call on his people to support the new President or is he going to say, as he has said in the past, that they should us their Second Amendment right?

Many people did not believe that Donald Trump would even show up for the debate tonight.  Many thinking that he is going to drop out of election.
But on Twitter and other places people are talking about Mike Pence resigning from the ticket.
Mike Pence said on Saturday that he was “offended” by Trump’s words about women.

  In the debate Trump said that Mike Pence and him did not agree about policy and that they had not talked!
Sounds like there are problems in Trump Tower.
This is a crazy election.  I have not idea what is going to happen next.

   What if Mike Pence released a press release statement saying he could not vote for Donald Trump?
That sounds crazy ..but is no more crazy that what has been doing on with this entire election.

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