The Hoodlum Priest

   We just got back cable TV from Charter.  Why did we signup after getting rid of TV from them?  Because they gave a good deal and if you took the deal the Internet speed went from 60 Mbps down to 100 Mbps.  So Russell wanted to upgrade and since he is paying the Charter bill I had no problem with that.
   So now I have Charter cable TV.  I also have the DVR box.  So I can record programs.  That is pretty neat.  We had that in the past.
One of the channels I can now get is “This TV” and it is on channel 180 on Charter here in Fort Worth. I see in a few days they have the movie “The Hoodlum Priest” on and I set the DVR to record it. 

Why would I care about such a bad movie, and believe me it is not a good movie, well when I started high school in 1955 I saw Father Charles Clark.  I even went to confession to him.  

De La Salle Military Academy for the first week of 1955 we had an entire week of religion.  I do not remember if Father Clark was there for a one day program or if he was there for the entire week.
This would have been 1955 if I remember correct.  The movie about his life, “The Hoodlum Priest,” came out in 1961.

I was just a dumb high school freshman in 1955 but as soon as I saw and heard Father Charles Clark I knew he had real problems.  I could not understand why the brothers had him there and why they would allow him to talk to us.
Father Clark was up on the stage showing us large color photos of young boys that were in prison.  He would cry and tell us how sad it was for these boys etc.


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