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My name is Rusty Howard.  That is my slave name.  That is not my cat name.  I was born free as a feral cat.  I was the  most sky of all my brothers and sisters.  I stayed hidden most of the time. Hilary, Jim’s daughter, talked to me and spoke to me in some strange language.  I think it is called Swedish.
Do not tell anyone but I think Hilary is a witch.  She has power over animals.  I wonder about Sweden.  I live in Texas and the people here have been saying that Sweden is a Communist nation. I think is might be a nation of witches.
But I hear people talking all the time, here in Texas, about “Hillary” being a witch, the antichrist or something else.  But I do not understand why they spell Hilary her name wrong.

Hilary won me over using her magic.  I became Rusty Howard a house cat.  It so much better in the house.  Great food. All sorts of toys.  It did not take me long to be running the house.  I could make them open doors by digging at the carpet.  I had them all under my control.

But Hilary keep “saving” cats.  She does not pay as much attention to me now.  She is having cats spayed or neutered.  I am not sure what that is … But the female cats get to stay for a few days in my home.  I do not like that.  This is my place.
I am stressed by those cats in my home.  I have started marking my territory.
I started marking the side of Jim’s bed.  He does not like that.  He gets mad at me.  But he can not stay mad long with me.

Jim takes me for rides on his chair

Jim takes me for rides on his chair


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