New WordPress Theme Again

I am not sure why I did it…  I said I was not going to buy a new theme again.  I paid for a new theme for WordPress.  It was only $25.00 but I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years just on WordPress themes.

So I am using v1.0 of Madar Theme.  When I run the WordPress Theme Check it fails big time.  A long list of errors.  But the theme has a lot of interesting things that I like about it.  Not sure if I will get using it or toss it in the trash.

If YouTube turns on their new Community Page for all of us I will be giving up WordPress and my blog will be running on YouTube.  It will be like Twitter and Facebook but running on YouTube.  But you will know if you post a images or comment or post   and video that it will appear to everyone that goes to my YouTube Channel.  Right now you and I have no  idea who is seeing what is posted on Facebook.  


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