Been busy here …

  Been busy for the last week …  Details later maybe …
Doing reviews keeps me busy and giving away the stuff to people keeps me busy …
NO I do not want to be sending out stuff via the mail.  I just give it to people that live or work around here.  There is a computer shop down the street and a few months ago I just walked in with a bag full of stuff and handed it to them and walked out the door.  All brand new computer stuff.
“I am a river to my people.”  Smile

You may have heard about the new thing coming to YouTube one of these days called “Community.”  It will be like Facebook and Twitter for YouTube.  They are beta  testing it now.  Not sure when the rest of us will get it.  Right now about 8 or 10 YouTube sites have it.
If it works out I will just do away with my blogs.  Well my blog will be the Community on my YouTube Channel.  The question for me is what are they going to allow.  Right now if I post a video blog type of post on YouTube and I put in a  tag “drug” the scan for that and turn off the ability for me to make any money for the video.  So if I mention in the video that I went to my doctor and he put me on a new drug they turn off the ability for the video to   make any money.  So I want to know .. what will they allow in the Community?  Because in the Community you will be allowed to post  comments, videos, images etc.

Yesterday this site was down … Not my fault and not hacking …
Not sure what happened.  The hosting company or the domain company messed up.
I am tired of dealing with things like this all time.

The weather here in Fort Worth has turned cooler.  My arthritis is hurting me today.  I will talke a Naproxen in a few minutes.

Today, in the mail, Charter sent a deal.  They are now offering 100 Mbps Internet service. We pay them for 65 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.  I am sure they know that AT&T will soon have 1 Gbps down and up service for this area. 


Photo taken with my new sunglasses spy cam!

Photo taken with my new sunglasses spy cam!

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