Life in Texas…

 Some of you must be wondering what is going on here..  I do not want to say very much about Hilary and what has been going on with her.  I guess you can read between lines…  You may have a little bit of an idea.
  Hilary got three lots of land here in Texas.  Not the best part of Texas.  Hilary is a very trusting person and she paid a couple of guys to help her. They took her money and did nothing or almost nothing and asked for more money.
Hilary went down to her land with her boat and tent .. She heard gun shots all the time …
A couple of stray dogs came over to her lot and watched Hilary clearing brush and stuff from her lot.  The dog then followed Hilary as she went to use a rest room and get some water.  One of the dogs ran into a yard and killed a chicken. The owner came out and demanded that Hilary pay for the chicken …  Hilary told him that the dogs did not belong to her… He said he was going to get his gun and kill the dogs and made a made a verbal threat towards Hilary.
Hilary called me and was on the phone with me.. she was scared for herself and the dogs.

Long story.. police were called .. said that the people there shoot everything that comes into their yard and that they had shot a boy in the neck in the past.
Hilary called a guy that ran a cab in the area.. He took her to a motel …
Hilary does not want me to mention the motel .. because they fed a couple of stray cats.
Hilary went to do her laundry at the motel and someone went into her room and stole a brand new $600.00 cell phone.  She has it less than a week plus some cameras and other stuff.
The motel people told her that they could review the tapes … a day later or something.  Hilary stayed to see the review of the tape.  In the tape a guy comes across the parking lot with a hoodie on .. the motel people said.. Oh yes.. we see him doing this all the time.. But we never see his face!  He pushed all the doors on the motel.  The doors do not close good.. You have to make sure you pull the door closed and hear it click.  Hilary door opened.
So the guy went into her room stole the stuff came outside her door and made a phone call and then tossed her cell phone down in front of her door and left.  In just as very few minutes a different guy came and picked up the phone and took it to the office. He turned it in ..said he found it.  He left.  Then in a couple of minutes a couple came and went to the office and said they lost there phone and the clerk gave them Hilary’s cell phone.

There is a lot more to the story..  All of it very upsetting to HIlary.
I think Hilary will be gong back to Sweden very soon.  She came to visit and stayed to help out Darlene, James and me.  She also stayed to take care of cats and kittens here.
She may stay a bit longer .. we got family going to visit …  But I think Hilary will be heading back to Sweden soon.

      When she is out of the United States I may tell some of the story … But right now..
I do not want to do anything that is going to put any stress on her ..
Hilary has been here about a year.  She has lost one cell phone. She had one cell phone stolen in FL. She has had one cell phone stolen in Texas.

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