I have a digital ham radio now

I have a digital ham radio now.  I did not get the $450.00 Yaesu that I would like to have.  I got a TYT MD-380 – DMR/Moto TRBO HT.  It cost $119.00 and I got it from Amazon.
 I just could not bring myself to spend close  to $500.00 for something that I did not know anything about.  So I am listening on digital ham radio now and even talking to a few hams via DMR around the world.

This is the digital ham repeater that I am using now:

15 Ft Worth 441.6250 +5 K5FTW 1

There are a number of DMR repeaters in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.
This is my DMR ID #:


3148738 N0UWY Jim Howard Fort Worth Texas United States DMR

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I setup a bulletin board system called Howard's Notebook in 1982. People connected at 300 baud. Upgrades and new things were done until 1995 when the world wide web was invented. Howard's Notebook was then moved to the web and is still in operation. I been blogging since 1982! I had one of the first webcams online.
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