Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

 I have been playing Civ V for years.  Right now I am downloading, from Steam, Civilization VI.  I wonder if I am going to like it. Civ V I just do the single player version.  I never play others.  I also just play it very simple.  I am not sure I have ever completed a game.  I like to keep it simple and easy.  I just enjoy build up my nation.
  So this is going to be very different for me.

I am getting the $59.99 version and I am getting it from Amazon.
So I just paid for it and Steam is downloading it.



Is Donald Trump a Orange Cokehead?

 Donald Trump is calling on Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen.  He is so stupid and crazy that I will not even try and follow the reasons for it.

  I do think that Donald Trump has major mental problems. But I think he could pass the “test” for that.  They would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt himself and they would ask him if he wanted to kill or hurt someone else and he would say no.
The problem with that is .. the question is .. Do you want Donald Trump to have the launch codes for nuclear weapons?  Do you want him to be pissed at 3 AM and decided to launch a nuclear attack on Rosie O’Donnell?  Rosie O’Donnell lives in NJ!

Republicans and right wing people always attack people for something and it seems the thing they attack people about are crimes or things that they do.
So with Donald Trump wanting Hillary Clinton to do a drug screen makes me wonder if all of his SNIFFING  is a sign he is doing coke.  


Shots Fired

 Just heard gun shots at 0229 hours.  A fast burst of about six or seven.  Not sure about the number of shots but I am sure it was gun shots.
If I could monitor police calls I would turn on my scanner.  But Fort Worth PD uses a trunk system and it is coded.   So you can not hear their transmissions.

If I remember correct Fort Worth is using a Project 25 Phase II radio system.

The Debate

 God I wish the election would be over with … I hate this entire election …  I am a Democrat … I fucking hate the Republican Party for causing this entire fucking mess.  Hillary Clinton was not who I wanted running for President of the United States.  She was far down on my list.  But she is the Democrat running and I will have to vote for her.  The Republicans fucked up again … They do it all the time.
Of course Fox News, right wing hate radio and others caused the Republican Party to pick Donald Trump for their ticket.  So no matter how much you do not want Hillary as President … If you have a couple of working brain cells you can not vote for Donald Trump.

  I watched the debate tonight …  There are so many wrong  things that Donald Trump said…  it make my head hurt.  My God …  He is so pissed at Hillary Clinton that he said in public that if he is elected President of the United States he is going to get even with her and use the power of the federal government!  My God .. Even Richard Nixon did not say that in public. Nixon had his hit lists and even broke into the Democrats HQ.  But he did not announce to the public that he was going to put the person that ran against him in fucking jail.
If anyone should be going to jail I would think it would be Donald Trump. He called on Russia to break into Hillary’s computer files and release them!  Putin and Russia did that to get Donald Trump elected!
That is treason if you ask me. That makes Donald Trump guilty of treason.  And the Republican worry about “voter fraud!”  (We do not have voter fraud in the United States. Hell we can not get people to vote. Plus many Republican admit in public that the entire “voter fraud” is just trying to prevent Democrats from voting.)

I am 75 years of age.  I got a few medical problems.  I do not want to wish any of my days away …  I do not have that many left … But I wish I could just sleep until this entire election is over.
The only problem is what is going to happen after Hillary is elected?
Trump has been saying that if he loses then the election was not fair. Is Donald Trump going to call on his people to support the new President or is he going to say, as he has said in the past, that they should us their Second Amendment right?

Many people did not believe that Donald Trump would even show up for the debate tonight.  Many thinking that he is going to drop out of election.
But on Twitter and other places people are talking about Mike Pence resigning from the ticket.
Mike Pence said on Saturday that he was “offended” by Trump’s words about women.

  In the debate Trump said that Mike Pence and him did not agree about policy and that they had not talked!
Sounds like there are problems in Trump Tower.
This is a crazy election.  I have not idea what is going to happen next.

   What if Mike Pence released a press release statement saying he could not vote for Donald Trump?
That sounds crazy ..but is no more crazy that what has been doing on with this entire election.

The Hoodlum Priest

   We just got back cable TV from Charter.  Why did we signup after getting rid of TV from them?  Because they gave a good deal and if you took the deal the Internet speed went from 60 Mbps down to 100 Mbps.  So Russell wanted to upgrade and since he is paying the Charter bill I had no problem with that.
   So now I have Charter cable TV.  I also have the DVR box.  So I can record programs.  That is pretty neat.  We had that in the past.
One of the channels I can now get is “This TV” and it is on channel 180 on Charter here in Fort Worth. I see in a few days they have the movie “The Hoodlum Priest” on and I set the DVR to record it. 

Why would I care about such a bad movie, and believe me it is not a good movie, well when I started high school in 1955 I saw Father Charles Clark.  I even went to confession to him.  

De La Salle Military Academy for the first week of 1955 we had an entire week of religion.  I do not remember if Father Clark was there for a one day program or if he was there for the entire week.
This would have been 1955 if I remember correct.  The movie about his life, “The Hoodlum Priest,” came out in 1961.

I was just a dumb high school freshman in 1955 but as soon as I saw and heard Father Charles Clark I knew he had real problems.  I could not understand why the brothers had him there and why they would allow him to talk to us.
Father Clark was up on the stage showing us large color photos of young boys that were in prison.  He would cry and tell us how sad it was for these boys etc.


Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14942

 I just got Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14942.  It took a long time to install it.  You can read about it at the link.  I did notice a update to the Photos app.  I do not own a laptop but I see they made changes to the touchpad experience.  The touchpad has always been a pain for me in the past.  I may have never had a laptop or Chromebook with a good touchpad.

  I see they also made a change to the Task Manager.

Vulgar Donald Trump

 In the past sometimes I posted a lot of stuff about politics.  The last few years not so much.  I, like all of you, am  sick and tired of politics.  It also does not do any good.  I can post what I think and other people do not  care.  If you do not agree with me … No one is going to change their mind.

This election has been a shocker … It scares me and makes me sick.
Donald Trump is a joke, not a funny one, and is scary.  The worst part of this election is the voters and the Republican Party.
  That a major political party could even consider someone like Donald Trump is unreal .. scary … It makes me wonder what is wrong with American voters.  It makes me wonder what is wrong with the educational system in the United States.

  But this has been going on now for sometime and I will be so glad when this is all over … except we will have to hear from the loser Donald Trump.  The media will be running to him to see what he will say after the election.  He is good for their ratings.  I also think Donald Trump will start a Trump TV channel.  I think it will fail like everything else he does.

  But about this current information that has come out about Donald Trump … I am not surprised and I do not think any of you should be surprised.  That is Donald Trump.  He has said things about women … He picked Roger Ailes to run his political campaign.

I want to comment on a few things that I have heard …  Some people think this is going to hurt him  with his supporters.  I do not think it will have any effect on his core voters.  They already know what he is and they do not care.  They have made up their mind.  They support him, for different reasons, and will stand by and defend him.
Many of his male supporters are going to say .. this is just the way men talk .. this is “locker room” talk etc.
   I am sorry .. But gentlemen do not talk like that .. honorable and courteous men do not talk like that …
If a man is talking like that he has a very small penis or he has never had his penis in a “pussy.”  Or it is a man that is interested in men and is trying to act like he is interested in women.

Now Trump has NOT apologized yet.  His video I would not call one.
When I saw the video I was thinking the same thing that the Huffington Post said in their headline and that was “Donald Trump ‘Apologizes’ In Recording That Looks Like A Hostage Tape.” 

Some people are saying that Donald Trump will drop out of the election.  I do not think that is going to happen.  What a mess the Republicans have on their small hands.

My First Blog Post

Welcome to My Blog


Welcome to My Blog

My name is Rusty Howard.  That is my slave name.  That is not my cat name.  I was born free as a feral cat.  I was the  most sky of all my brothers and sisters.  I stayed hidden most of the time. Hilary, Jim’s daughter, talked to me and spoke to me in some strange language.  I think it is called Swedish.
Do not tell anyone but I think Hilary is a witch.  She has power over animals.  I wonder about Sweden.  I live in Texas and the people here have been saying that Sweden is a Communist nation. I think is might be a nation of witches.
But I hear people talking all the time, here in Texas, about “Hillary” being a witch, the antichrist or something else.  But I do not understand why they spell Hilary her name wrong.

Hilary won me over using her magic.  I became Rusty Howard a house cat.  It so much better in the house.  Great food. All sorts of toys.  It did not take me long to be running the house.  I could make them open doors by digging at the carpet.  I had them all under my control.

But Hilary keep “saving” cats.  She does not pay as much attention to me now.  She is having cats spayed or neutered.  I am not sure what that is … But the female cats get to stay for a few days in my home.  I do not like that.  This is my place.
I am stressed by those cats in my home.  I have started marking my territory.
I started marking the side of Jim’s bed.  He does not like that.  He gets mad at me.  But he can not stay mad long with me.

Jim takes me for rides on his chair
Jim takes me for rides on his chair


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