Standby Power

This is a neat device. My daughter got it for her RV. It is an 1100 watt power bank.
Great for powering RVs, laptops, cell phones, tablets and camp sites.
I am a amateur radio operator, ham, and I would love to have one of these.

Inergy Kodiak @Amazon:

Correction: Hilary already has solar cells. They are with her boat.

If you do buy it please use the link above. I get a small commission.

Bill Nye does not save the world or the left

  OK, I am a Democrat and hell I am left wing and happy to admit it.  (Brave of me since I live in Texas.) 
I have no problem having people call me a leftist.
Bill Nye is a hero to the left and hated with rage and passion by the right. 

  I think Bill Nye is a honest person and is correct about science but I think he is a piss poor spokesperson for the left and our causes.  He comes across as prejudice and  heavy-handed.
  He comes across as authoritarian and harsh.
  He has a new TV show on Netflix.  The show is called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” I saw it on Netflix the other day. 
  I could only watch a little of the show. I could not stand it.  It was not funny.  It was not well done.  Bill Nye came across as a joke.  But he was not funny. 
  The important thing to me is that he does not make the left look good.
There is no one that is going to watch his show and change their position. 
He is not a credit or a help to the left.  The right can show him and repeat what he says and make us all look like a bunch of prejudice people promoting our agenda. 

  We should all run away from Bill Nye as fast as we can.

  Michael Moore does not help us.  He did at first but now he hurts are cause when he speaks.  I think many Democrats agree with me now.  I think Bill Nye is going to hurt our causes much worst than Michael Moore. 

Fell in the street

 About 0800 hours I took Dar’s mail to the mailbox.  It is about two blocks away.  I put the mail in the box. Then I went to the curb and stepped off the curb.  It was more of a step than I was expecting and fell into the street.  I was on all fours.  
 Traffic was stopped at a red light. Thank God for that.
 I got back on my feet and got back on the sidewalk. 

I fell into the street. It sucks getting old.


 I did some damage to my legs and my pants.  

On May 17th I will have Mohs surgery

  I saw a doctor the other day about my skin cancer.  He told me about it and the options and asked what treatment I wanted.  I like the doctor a great deal.  I am glad my doctor recommend him.
  May 17 (2017) I will go in and have the basal cell carcinoma removed.  
   I am going to have what is called “Mohs Surgery.”  


Mohs surgery, developed in 1938 by a general surgeon, Frederic E. Mohs, is microscopically controlled surgery used to treat common types of skin cancer. During the surgery, after each removal of tissue and while the patient waits, the tissue is examined for cancer cells. That examination informs the decision for additional tissue removal. Mohs surgery is one of the many methods of obtaining complete margin control during removal of a skin cancer (CCPDMA – complete circumferential peripheral and deep margin assessment[1][2][3][4]) using frozen sectionhistology.[5][6]CCPDMA or Mohs surgery allows for the removal of a skin cancer with very narrow surgical margin and a high cure rate.


  I do not plan to blog about the surgery as it happens or even take photos or video.  
I suspect you will see me with a hat on from now on. 

Republicans Love MOAB

  The gun bunny is a strange American to me.  I just do not understand how a Republican man can get an erection over a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB).  I guess, as a Democrat, I should not be sexist.  
    The Republican woman on Fox News seem to get  wet panties over MOAB.
The Republicans say they love small government but they love big guns and bigger bombs.  I just do not understand my gun bunny friends.


Playing around with the Chromebox today

 I have been playing around with the Chromebox today.  Nice little computer for $200.00 and you can get it often for $150.00 if you watch.  I have the 4GB box.  I think I will add memory to take it to 8 GB.  Not sure you need that much memory but it is easy and cost very little.

Photo was taken 04/07/2017


 The photo above I just took and you do not see my second monitor next to the other monitor.  
  Yesterday I also messed around with the Samsung Chromebook Plus.  I paid $5.00 for Artrage.  Great drawing app.  I enjoy the touch screen and using it as a tablet.  But now I think I would be happy to just have an Android tablet.
   I tried to get Hilary the Chromebook Plus but she would not take it.

   Hilary got her driver’s license today.  She got it after she got beaten and was taken to the ER.  So in her photo on the license, she has two black eyes. 

   I am using the browser, Vivaldi, again.  I love it.  I will see how it works out for me.  

   It is 0130 hours and Darlene, Hilary and Jimmy are sleeping.  Both cats are sleeping.  I do not see the cat in this room.  He must be in the window looking outside.  I am going to bed soon and he will then get on my desk and knock something over and walk on the printer keypad.


Trump Administration’s “Extreme Vetting!”

  My God … I can not believe how stupid the Trump Administration people are … How are we going to last as a nation for four years of this?

Published on Apr 4, 2017(Today)

The Department of Homeland Security just outlined the Trump Administration’s standards for extreme vetting. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tells you how this will kill tourism in the US. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Foreigners who want to visit the U.S., even for a short trip, could be forced to disclose contacts on their mobile phones, social-media passwords and financial records, and to answer probing questions about their ideology, according to Trump administration officials conducting a review of vetting procedures.”

Read more here:…

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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